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Wearable Technology is a Fixture in the Business of the Future

Your employees’ workday can be exacting. If every time they make a delivery, pick up a box, or pack an order, they must put down their handheld computer first, it can become inefficient and repetitive. It can add additional minutes to even the simplest tasks. That time adds up.

Wearable technology provides a more efficient alternative, and by providing important data to employees in a convenient manner, they will remain an integral feature of the businesses of the future. They’re ideally suited across a variety of industries, for employees who work behind the scenes, or on the retail floor. The technology behind wearables is constantly expanding, and they can be used for an ever-growing number of tasks.

Your employees are more productive when they are able to use light, ergonomic scanning equipment that remains out of the way, yet accessible when needed. Wearable technology allows for maximum performance, with built-in ease of use.

Imprint Enterprises offers a variety of high-quality wearable solutions designed to fit your business’s needs. Our wearables are suited for a variety of industries and offer an excellent way to increase your employees’ productivity.

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The Zebra WT6000

When your employees are able to access computer technology that comfortably fits along their arm, productivity goes up, while unnecessary errors are reduced. Zebra prioritizes comfort with easy access to technology, by making this lightweight and efficient computer option.

It’s suited for use in the toughest, most rugged environments, and ideal for use across a variety of industries. Find out more about Zebra’s WT6000 wearable computer.

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The Zebra RS5100

This rugged scanning option from Zebra fits comfortably over the ring finger and gives your employees free mobility of their hands in a demanding work environment. The scanner is so lightweight and small that in a retail environment, customers may not even notice that you’re wearing it.

This scanner is made for use across a variety of industries and uses an LED or a laser for maximum scanning capabilities. Find out more about the lightweight and efficient RS5100 from Zebra.

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Honeywell CT40

The CT40 allows for scanning and computing on the move, and provides a hands-free operation. It’s designed for use in rugged environments and allows for more efficiency in the warehouse, back room, or anywhere else along the supply chain. The rubber arm band is designed for comfort on the go, while maintaining the necessary support to protect the equipment. Find out more about the CT40 from Honeywell.

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Honeywell Dolphin CT60

This handheld computer comes with a wearable armband to allow your employees use of two hands. This is a rugged solution built to stay up-to-date over a long time period. This option can be used in the backroom, on the sales floor, or anywhere along the supply chain. Find out more about the Doliphin CT60 from Honeywell.

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Honeywell Dolphin 70e or 75e

This wearable computer is ideally suited for small parts picking, large package handling, sorting, truck loading, or in any supply chain operation that requires two hands. It’s a light weight solution built for a rugged environment and designed to give workers maximum flexibility. The devices are made to be paired with Honeywell ring scanners for maximum capabilities. Find out more about the 70e and 75e from Honeywell.

Honeywell CN75/75e

Honeywell 8680i

This wearable mini computer offers a compact and ergonomic solution with powerful Bluetooth technology. It’s designed to assist employees in the picking, sorting, packing, and stocking processes. It’s ideal for employees who work behind the scenes or on the retail floor. Find out more about the 8680i solution from Honeywell.

CT60 and 8680i ring scanner

ProGlove Mark 2 Wearable Scanner

The ProGlove Mark 2 allows your employees to capture data quickly and effectively. The standard or midweight options both allow for easy integrations with smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. The glove is an ideal choice for assembly and logistics operations. Fast scanning capabilities make this option a high-efficiency choice. Find out more about the lightweight and efficient Mark 2 wearable scanner.

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Find the Wearable Technology Right for Your Business

Wearable technology gives employees a lightweight and efficient option for accessing critical data. It increases employee productivity across a variety of key industries. If you have questions, or would like to find out more about the wearable technology that’s right for your business, contact us today!

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