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Zebra ET80/85 rugged tablets

Zebra ET80/85 Rugged 2-in-1 Windows Tablets

A Combination of Durability and High-End Computing Power in the Same Machine

With Zebra’s ET80/85 Windows tablets sold by Imprint Enterprises, your employees have access to high-end computing power from the warehouse, office, retail floor, or wherever they may need it. These rugged laptops are thinner than the competition while still offering the same level of durability you’ve grown accustomed to.

You can give your employees the ability to get the job done right, from whatever working environment that they may need that computing power.

Zebra ET80-ET85 rugged tablet
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Bring the ET80/85 Tablets into Your Working Environment:

The ET80/85 tablets come with a variety of benefits:

      • Rugged durability yet thinner and lighter than competitor tablets. You can more easily carry them on the go.
      • These tablets are two devices in one. A rugged accessory keyboard gives users a full laptop experience.
      • Advanced wireless capabilities with Wi-Fi 6E, 5G, CBRS and more, mean that you’ll never be far from an internet connection.
      • In-vehicle and desktop capabilities for true versatility.
      • Up to 11 hours in battery life for a shift-worth of full usage.
      • Windows 10
Worker using a Zebra rugged tablet in the field
Zebra ET 80-85 rugged tablet
Zebra tablet in a forklift

What ET80/85 Tablets Bring to Your Business

Your employees can accomplish more when supplied with the right tools for productivity. These Zebra tablets are designed to provide the highest level of productivity no matter the working environment.

The ET80/85 Tablets Are Suited to a Variety of Industries

The lightweight durability of the ET80/85 tablets make them an ideal choice for a variety of industries, including:

      • Manufacturing
      • Transportation and Logistics
      • Field work
      • Warehouse
      • Public sector work
Zebra rugged tablet in a firetruck

Empower Your Employees with Zebra ET80/85 Tablets from Imprint Enterprises

Whatever your industry, your productivity will accelerate when you empower your employees with computing power on-the-go. Imprint Enterprises is a proud provider of Zebra ET80/85 tablets because of their durability and versatility in the workplace.

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