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The Zebra FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader

A High-Performance Reader Designed for Tough Work Environments

In order to improve workplace efficiency, your organization needs an RFID reader that you can trust. If you experience a high-volume load of pallets, cases, and tagged items processed within your warehouse on a daily basis, the FX9600 Fixed RFID reader from Zebra may be an ideal choice to better monitor the dock doors.

Imprint Enterprises is a proud Zebra distributor, helping our customers to attain the best RFID technology to enhance their business processes. The FX9600 automates inventory management, including receiving, stocking, picking, and shipping. You can eliminate human error and bottlenecks throughout the operation, making the process effective and streamlined.

Imprint Enterprises can help you determine whether this affordable RFID option is right for your business.

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The FX9600 is Ideal for Select Industries

The FX9600 fixed RFID reader is an ideal resource for inventory management in select industries:

Designed for Use Without Hardwire Connection

The FX9600 is designed to be powered through your existing Wi-Fi connection. There are no hard-wired connections required for installation and operation. You can also sync for Bluetooth capabilities. It is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled computers or wearable technology for enhanced usage. This will increase flexibility, processing speeds and the application performance.

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Maximum Capabilities

Zebra designed and built the FX9600 with a high RF sensitivity for greater accuracy and longer read ranges, even in dense RF environments. You can support a high level of throughput as well as sophisticated software application usage. This RFID reader can reduce your deployment time, machine cost, and process complexity.

The FX9600 is built to withstand tough, durable working conditions, such as damp or dusty warehouses or work areas. It is built for maximum temperature flexibility, from extreme heat to sub-zero temperatures. An eight-port model allows you to cover more dock doors or portals with fewer readers, reducing your investment and management costs.

Advancing Your Manufacturing and Warehouse Efficiency

Make sure that your company is doing everything it can to make your processes automated and efficient. The FX9600 from Zebra allows you increased ability to monitor the product that enters and exits your facilities on a daily basis. If you’re looking to find out more about whether the FX9600 is ideal for your business, contact us today! 

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