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Zebra FXR90 Ultra-Rugged Fixed RFID Readers

Ultra-Rugged Performance and Reliability in the Toughest Conditions

RFID readers should be able to withstand tough environmental conditions as more industries are using fixed RFID infrastructures for asset tracking. Zebra Technologies strives to bring you the best in the field, so you don’t have to worry about the harsh environmental conditions affecting your RFID readers.

Maximize asset tracking capabilities with Zebra’s FXR90 Ultra-Rugged Fixed RFID Readers. Built with an industrial-grade IP65/67 sealing and an expanded operating temperature range, these ultra-rugged fixed RFID readers come in two options and are an excellent option for:

      • Transportation & Logistics
      • Warehouses
      • Manufacturing
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Rock-Solid Reliability with Options

The Zebra FRX90 ultra-rugged fixed RFID readers come with or without an integrated antenna and provide real-time visibility. These RFID readers are built for extreme conditions inside and outside your facility for reliable performance anywhere. The FXR90 with the built-in antenna can even read across the largest facilities to keep your asset operations flowing.

      • Diecast aluminum reader body
      • Operating temperature -40°F to 149°F (-40°C to 65°C)
      • Visual status indicators
      • Maximum RFID read rate of 1.300+ tags per second
      • Sealed M12 connectors
      • Integrated Bluetooth v5.3 with BLE
      • 5G, WiFi, GPS, CBRS
      • Flush mount and VESA mount option
      • Power Options
          • IP67 sealed AC/DC power supply (wet and dusty conditions, inside and outside your facility)
          • IP67 sealed DC/DC power supply (vehicle)
          • Standard unsealed AC/DC power supply (standard indoor)
          • Direct wired-in option
          • PoE/PoE+ option
Extreme conditions in a warehouse for Zebra FXR90

Industry-Leading Performance with Simplified Deployment

With the robust tag read rates, Zebra’s FXR90 Ultra-Rugged RFID Readers enable greater visibility with real-time data wherever you need it the most. The rugged sealing, greater operating temperature range, and higher receiver sensitivity provides a more reliable performance with greater accuracy. The wireless technologies ease configuration and management of a fleet of readers, connecting to almost any Android or Windows device.

Optimize Your Asset Management with Zebra

Zebra strives to provide you the best options for RFID management. The FXR90 Ultra-Rugged RFID Readers are engineered to withstand exposure to extreme weather conditions and daily wash-downs. The extended operating temperature range allows your workers to track critical items, optimizing your operations and your asset management.

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