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The WT6300
The Next Generation of Wearable Computer from Zebra

Double Employee Productivity While Still Decreasing Errors: Introducing the Improved WT6000

Zebra is keeping up with technological advancements, offering even more innovative ways to further increase productivity, now by up to 30% as compared to the previous model. Your company can still decrease unnecessary errors by up to 39% as compared to speech-only wearables.

The improved WT6300 uses up to 50% LESS muscle effort than the previous model. Your company can meet the faster delivery times that have come with the increase in ecommerce demand.

Imprint Enterprises is a proud Zebra distributor, offering our customers the best products for enhancing business processes. This new standard in wearable technology prioritizes ergonomics, sanitization, and ruggedness to keep up with your needs.

At Imprint Enterprises, we prioritize offering our customers the best in industrial wearable computing with options to create a total wearable solutions family and accessories for easy device management.

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An Upgraded Wearable Computer for Multiple Industries

The Upgraded WT6300 from Zebra is ideal for use in many industries:

  • Retail Management
    • Back of store
    • Front of store
    • Price audits/changes
    • Receiving
    • Inventory management
    • In-store communications
  • Manufacturing
    • Inventory management
    • Line-side replenishment
    • Parts tracking
  • Warehouse / Distribution / Transportation and Logistics
    • Receiving, picking, packing
    • Carton put-away
    • Replenishment
    • Staging
    • Truck loading/unloading
    • Returns management
Mobile Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises
Mobile Label Printer: Imprint Enterprises

Still Prioritizing User Comfort

The redesigned WT6300 now uses up to 50% LESS muscle effort, keeping ergonomics and user comfort in mind. The device is now just over 9 ounces, making is smaller and lighter than previous wearable technology. It has a low center of gravity and a micro-adjustable mounting system for total user comfort.

The WT6300 is even more rugged and ready for any environment:

  • Drop-tested across operating temperature range
  • Extreme tumble rating
  • Dust-proof and water resistant
  • Rated for use in freezers
  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass

Greater Advanced Capabilities

The screen on the WT6300 also has a glove-optimized display which increases touch sensitivity. Knowing that not everyone is ready yet for touchscreens and speech-only equipment, the WT6300 still has the optional keypad for data entry.

The pairing devices you currently have are transferable to the upgraded WT6300, including the RS6000, RS5100, RS5000, or RS4000 ring scanners. And it is still compatible with your existing HS3100 or HS2100 headsets.

Upgrade to the Wearable Technology that can Greatly Enhance Efficiency

With ecommerce booming, picking and sorting can be full-time jobs in and of themselves. Ecommerce sales are expected to rise from $3.53 trillion in 2019 to $6.54 trillion in 2022. Manage faster delivery or pick-up times as the new normal has become two-day, one-day and same-day delivery.

The upgraded WT6300 can increase your productivity by up to 30%, keeping up with the rising ecommerce demand. Process more orders daily while maintaining the accuracy of order processing.

Our friendly team can talk with you to help you determine whether the WT6300 can help your company. Contact us today!

Device Management

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