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Zebra ZT510 Industrial Printer: Affordable Next-Generation Printing Power

The Zebra ZT510 industrial printer provides all the printing power needed for manufacturing and transportation/logistics applications, without unnecessary frills and at a price that’s within a cost-conscious company’s budget. Perfectly suited for product identification, packaging, receiving/put-away, and compliance labeling as well as work-in-process, order picking/packing, shipping/receiving, and cross-docking applications, the ZT510 industrial printer prints at a highly efficient rate of 12 IPS (305 mm per second). The ZT510 is Zebra’s next generation replacement of the 105SL and 105SL Plus industrial printers.

A fast processor that enables quick throughput of the most complex graphics, coupled with features like an optional USB host card slot, optimizes performance at every turn. Hardware upgradability, seamless integration with common device management software, and the ability to streamline software updates with easy-to-use Link-OS applications make the Zebra ZT510 industrial printer entirely adaptable to changing business needs.

Zebra ZT510 Industrial Printer: Imprint Enterprises
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A Durable, Reliable Solution for Even the Toughest Environments

Manufacturing and warehouse environments can be harsh and tough on equipment — but the Zebra ZT510 industrial printer is even tougher. Chalk it up to an all-metal design, rugged construction, and sealed dome buttons that stand up against penetration from potentially damaging dust, dirt, and moisture. The Zebra ZT510 industrial printer is also engineered to withstand years of continuous operation, extreme temperatures, rough handling, and other factors that can compromise operation and lead to expensive downtime or premature replacement.

Zebra ZT510 Industrial Printer

ZT510 Industrial Printer Features

  • Thermal transfer or direct thermal printing
  • 512MB RAM memory; 2GB on-board linear flash memory
  • High-quality print mechanisms and internal components ensure flawless round-the-clock performance
  • Link-OS capabilities support on-site or remote routing management, firmware updates, printer configuration, and more through single cloud-based application
  • Standard communication options (USB, serial, Gigabit Ethernet, and Bluetooth ® LE) for easy integration into existing systems and connection to various networks
  • Parallel, 802.11a/c with Bluetooth ® 4.0, USB Host, and IPv6 connectivity options also available
Zebra ZT510 Industrial Printer: Imprint Enterprises
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