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Wireless Network Services

Comprehensive Wireless Network Site Surveys and Installation

Plan, construct, and install your new wireless network service with help from Imprint.

Deploying a wireless network for your warehouse is a monumental task. There are a number of issues that can arise during deployment, such as too few access points or the wrong antenna configuration. This can lead to sluggish response time, application lockups, and frequent signal drops. Collaborating with a knowledgeable and experienced partner is critical when it comes to implementation and installation. Imprint Enterprises offers customers comprehensive site surveys and develops plans with a tested and proven process.

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Get Familiar with Imprint Enterprises Wireless Network Site Survey and Installation Process

Discover Imprint Enterprises’ proven process for a seamless wireless network installation.

At Imprint, we understand what’s riding on your mobile technology investment and how crucial your wireless network is to your enterprise’s productivity. For that reason, we provide more than high-quality hardware and software solutions. We also deliver affordable and reliable services to ensure your wireless network is optimized for your business needs. Imprint Enterprise’s experienced team will walk you through the wireless network site survey and installation process, which will help minimize downtime and maximize uptime for your network.

Get Familiar with Imprint Enterprises Wireless Network Site Survey and Installation Process
  • Needs Analysis: The process begins with a needs analysis, an initial assessment that accounts for your budget, any RFID compliance mandates, your compliance goals, and any other factors specific to your enterprise.
  • Preliminary Site Survey: After the needs analysis is completed, a preliminary site survey is done using industry-leading techniques to gain understanding of the IT infrastructure and manufacturing processes. Access point locations, signal strengths, RF interference equipment requirements and other components needed for a 99.999% available wireless network design are collected.
  • Construction and Installation: We understand that your wireless architecture needs to be scalable in order to grow with your enterprise. Construction of your adaptable and scalable wireless architecture and physical infrastructure takes place after the site survey, ensuring that your organization is ready for future evolution and growth.
  • End-to-end Testing: Once installation is complete, comprehensive testing is done to confirm that your equipment works precisely as you need it to in stores, plants, and facilities.
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