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RFID technology has vastly improved over the years, making it easier and faster to respond to customer demands. Over the years, RFID has been proven to help businesses enhance their productivity and profitability with greater visibility, traceability, inventory management, accountability, and more. If you are unsure of the technology or software for mandate compliance, or are doing the bare minimum to get by, this eBook will help.

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Zebra Technologies is the global leader in providing top-quality, award-winning products that range from just starting out to advanced RFID equipment. Zebra offers an array of hardware and software options ranging from good, better, and best that will meet your budgetary needs.

From fast, simple solutions to planning long-term sustainability, the specialists at Imprint Enterprises can help you understand what you need for RFID mandate compliance. Imprint has over 30 years of experience helping businesses improve profitability and operational efficiency.

Zebra Technologies Has Top Quality RFID Products

Zebra ZE511 with RFID label

Zebra Technologies RFID hardware and software is becoming more prevalent with the advancement of geo-location, security, and automation. More advanced than typical barcode solutions, RFID tags can be read without a direct line of sight and from as far away as 65 feet (or 20 meters). RFID readers can be fixed for maximum visibility and pinpointing location throughout the warehouse.

RFID Readers also come in handheld options to extend a network’s visibility beyond the walls of the warehouse. Processes can be automated to help ease worker shortages. RFID printer encoders are designed for manufacturing facilities, providing manufacturers the ability to incorporate application into their systems. Software systems are used for easy deployment and manageability of readers and tags.

Fixed Readers

Fixed RFID readers are attached to warehouse doors, a production line, or within a warehouse for easy tracking and inventory automatically. Consider the following:


        • Requires no hard-wire connection.
        • Best for warehouse, manufacturing, and loading dock environments with high-volume pallets and containers.


        • Requires a hard wire connection but provides faster and more accurate reads.
        • Best for back-end applications in retails, warehouse, manufacturing, transportation, and business-class or office environments.
        • Paired with a Linux-based network.
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Handheld Readers

Need a portable option? Handheld readers are an excellent option for carrying around:


        • Built on the Android platform with a large touch screen and keypad for comfortable, all-day use.
        • Best for omni-channel fulfillment, inventory management, automatic replenishment, control with receiving, trunk stock demo/sample inventory, and pharmaceutical and laboratory inventory.



        • Requires no hard wire connection.
        • Best for long-range, inventory management, item location and tracking, automatic replenishment, cross docking, and control with receiving.

FRD8500 Sled

        • Easily adds UHF RFID tag reading, writing, and locating abilities compatible with your Zebra TC20 RFID-ready mobile computer.
        • Best for inventory management.

Autonomous & Transition Readers

Machine Vision takes barcode scanning to the next level through automation. Matrox® Imaging expands industrial automation by supporting basic track-and-trace applications to complex inspection, recognition, and guidance tasks. Choose from a selection of fixed-mount scanning options.

Zebra industrial Machine Vision and Fixed Scanner

Fetch Robotics AMRs are robots with built in intelligence systems to allow them to move and perform tasks autonomously. Most facilities do not have to be modified for AMRs to move around, using a localization map so they can start running upon deployment.

With better connectivity and enhanced safety features, AMRs can efficiently work around people and objects and can be scheduled to complete different tasks at different times. AMRs work great in warehouses for manufacturing, distribution, and fulfillment.

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Printer Encoders

RFID printer encoders are designed for industrial durability and flexibility, with high print speeds and media roll capacity. Printer encoders can be easy to manage and simple to integrate into your facility. There is even a thermal desktop printer for both direct and transfer options.

ZT600 Series

        • Reduces media costs

        • Tags are spaced close together (0.6 in/16mm) or narrower on most RFID inlays.


ZT400 Series

        • Easy to manage and simple to integrate.
        • Adaptive encoding technology allows for excellent media flexibility and simple RFID calibration, eliminating complex placement guidelines.


        • RFID tag thermal desktop printer, available in direct thermal and thermal transfer models.
        • Compatible with inlays from all leading suppliers.
        • Able to be used with a variety of RFID labels and tags from small, item-level hang tags to large case and pallet labels.


Existing barcode software management systems, such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Warehouse Management Software (WMS), or Manufacturing Management Software (MMS), may already be compatible for a simplified RFID integration. This allows for quicker deployment and manageability of RFID readers within a facility. Typically, Windows Server 2003, Solaris® 9 or 10, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux® can all be integration compatible systems.

Another option is to upgrade to software systems that can manage all devices and data for you for a more efficient process, such as MotionWorks®. This platform collects, manages, and analyzes sense and state data from tagged enterprise resources, feeding into a single integrated management console for enhanced visibility of the location and state of every tagged item.

Imprint Enterprises is the Zebra Technologies RFID Specialist

The benefits of using RFID are seen across multiple industries, including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing, and distribution. Companies find they can track equipment, inventory, and parts more effectively while also providing an added layer of security. RFID technology has proven to increase operational efficiency by minimizing human error while providing real-time data and tracking.

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Imprint Enterprises is a Premiere Solution Partner with Zebra Technologies, working with RFID installations since 2006. Imprint is a company that grows with you, providing your business with an affordably priced solution. Imprint builds a lifelong relationship with you and your company that is based on quality and trust with Specialists that can help you determine what you need. Imprint knows that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all.

Zebra Technologies has over 30 years of experience and is a leading expert in barcoding technology. Zebra rigorously tests their products in multiple R&D facilities, making sure you receive the quality you deserve. Originally founded in 1969, Zebra now has 10’s of millions of devices worldwide, creating end-to-end solutions.

Imprint Enterprises has decades of experience in RFID solutions – from printers, readers, and tags/labels.

Imprint will support you in making the most informed decision for your SMB and can outfit your company with RFID technology from Zebra Technologies. Contact us to begin building your comprehensive RFID solution for your SMB.

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