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Modern Asset Tracking

Leave behind the slow, error-riddled process of legacy asset tracking.

Meet virtually any need while keeping costs down with Imprint’s asset tracking solutions. Imprint’s barcode and RFID technologies simplify how you record changes of location, condition and availability of assets – ensuring timely and accurate information is available to you and your staff. Barcode and RFID printers, scanners, labels and software maximize visibility, helping your company have full control of asset management.

Asset Tracking Solutions: Imprint Enterprises
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How Does an Asset Tracking System Work?

Tag. Track. Report.

An asset tracking system allows an organization to track stock items or SKUs, helping to control inventory levels through item and location tagging, tracking, and reporting. Imprint’s modern asset tracking system utilizes PC-based asset tracking software that’s easy to setup and easy to use. Print location labels or create RFID tags, making item issuing quick and easy. Track your items with wireless handheld barcode scanners or RFID readers, allowing you to receive, move, and issue more items faster. Check availability right from your PC, saving time and materials and improving availability by minimizing the occurrence out-of-stock or overstock items.

Discover the Benefits of Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking solutions help you systemize and automate the process, improving accuracy, efficiency, and cost-savings.

barcode tagging

Barcode Tagging

Automated data entry, like barcoding and RFID, can minimize or erase human error, ensuring that your inventory levels are always accurate.

scan and manage

Scan and Manage

Our asset tracking system reduce the need for physical inventory efforts, letting your employees focus on other tasks.

track and report

Track and Report

Better visibility will enable you to keep the optimal inventory level, preventing the cost of storing unnecessary stock or replacing damaged or obsolete products.

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