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It’s a sad reality impacting companies across the manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics spectrum. Simply put, it’s the lack of effective mobility management due to the constant and unpredictable human and capital investment needed to provision, monitor and repair mobile technology.

When things go wrong (and they will) it wreaks havoc with overall business and worker productivity. The resource management drain often spreads from department to department, including everything from operations to finance to IT.

Introducing: IM² – Imprint Mobility Manager

The good news? You don’t have to live with all those mobility hassles a moment longer. Because there’s a cost-effective way to instantly enhance the effectiveness of your mobile operations while reducing, even eliminating some of the biggest logistical headaches along the way.

Your company’s business focus isn’t on mobile technology. Ours is. Imprint Mobility Manager helps you across the entire lifecycle of mobile tech from provisioning, to monitoring to repairs and more. All via one source. One phone number to call. And everything’s covered.

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We give you back your time.

Here’s how easy it is with the right device management in place. Just contact us when your devices are down. We’ll generate all the necessary paperwork so you can just put the devices in a box, and it’s done. It really can be that easy.

Rapid Configure and Restore

The clock is ticking when mobile devices require setup and restoration. That’s why we’ve built a system to get any device restored and back into service quickly and expertly, all with a quick scan of some bar codes.

For example, when a device is broken and comes back from repair, a quick scan can rapidly configure a device, install everything needed and get back to full operation. The same thing occurs when a device battery dies. Once charged, a quick scan will autoconfigure the device based on the required specs. It’s all to make sure your workers can perform at that absolute best.

Easy Repair and Return

With your current operation, when devices break down or are damaged, what happens then? How quickly are repairs made and how heavy are the downtime costs? Are you also resorting to costly spare devices to cover yourself?

Fact is, all the devices you have in service require a significant investment. Our role is to help you maximize that investment. Here’s how we deliver just that: when you outsource your mobility management to Imprint Mobility Manager and have devices under contract, we handle everything and get you device repaired and back to you. Fast.

We will manage your service contracts, make the RMA request to the factory (Zebra or Honeywell), provide the RMA to you, any customer returns to vendor, vendor repairs and ships back to customer.

Mobile Device Monitoring

We track device performance 24/7. Monitoring by our tech support team allows us to see all your devices in real time. All so we can maintain your team’s performance edge via scheduled updates, installing patches and much more.

Since your company’s effectiveness in mobile communications is our paramount concern, you can finally have peace of mind your mobile needs are professionally and affordably taken care of.

Personalized Help Desk

Reach out to us in a way that’s the best and easiest for you. Whether it’s via email or phone, expert help is always on call. By managing our devices remotely mobility and phone issues can be solved faster and easier. We can access your device, assess the problem, triage the issue and configure a solution.

How to Get Started

To handle every phase of a mobile device’s lifecycle, from configuration provisioning to monitoring and help desk support to timely repairs, count on Imprint Mobility Manager. To learn more about how Imprint Mobility Manager (IM2) can boost your company’s efficiency and performance< please submit the form below.

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