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In business, things can (and do) go wrong which can negatively impact profits and the overall productivity of your employees. Why risk your mobile technology to be the cause? Imprint Mobility Manager (IM2) can ease logistical and departmental strain by helping to manage your mobile technology across the lifecycle of your devices.

From unboxing and setting devices up, to provisioning, to monitoring, and more, choose the options that best fit your business needs.

IM2 Expansion: Tailored for Your Specific Needs

Since the inception to IM2 3 years ago, hundreds of businesses have taken advantage of this unique Imprint service, freeing up time and money to focus on enhancing business operations and expansion. Businesses have been asking for more, and Imprint listened.

IM2 has expanded to bring even more options that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Choose from the standard IM2 package, and expanded IM2  PLUS, or go for a full worry-free option with IM2 MAX.

Using Imprint’s MDM software, IM2 is meant to remotely help you with setting up devices and quickly provision and monitor them so you don’t have to.

IM2 Commissioning icon

Setting up new devices doesn’t have to be a burden on your business operations. Imprint can get your devices started for you, right out of the box.

im2 Provisioning icon

Not sure what you need on your devices for them to work for your business operations? Imprint will assist you in adding the programs you need to your devices for terminal workflow optimization, including ‘Golden Image.’ A ‘Golden Image’ is a quick deployment tool that allows your company to reclaim wasted time configuring devises by automatically getting them up and running with a quick scan of a code that is developed just for you.

im2 Provisioning icon

Imprint will get you enrolled in an IM2 mobile device platform, so you don’t have to. Use a technology that can track your devices in real time, maintaining your team’s performance edge via scheduled updates, installing patches, and more.

Utilizing Imprint’s MDM software or your own, upgrade to IM2 PLUS that includes device repair and services management, freeing up manpower for other critical operations. Imprint can remotely manage everything from device setup, repair management, Golden Imaging, and returning devices to service.

IM@ icon for repair dispatch

When a device goes down, it doesn’t have to impact your operations. Imprint can get the repair request managed for you and send the device in for repair, ensuring you get the proper documentation to keep on file.

IM2 Icon reimaging

When a repaired device is returned, Imprint will ensure it is workable with all the applications your business requires.

IM@ icon return to service

Imprint makes sure your repaired device is returned to your facility and is ready to go straight into service.

An onsite upgrade, IM2 MAX minimizes downtime in your facility by having our specialists come to you for device installations, removals, and replacements. The ultimate in device care services, IM2 MAX incorporates all levels of IM2 to save you time and money.

IM2 hot swap icon

When a device goes down, it can impact your operational effectiveness. Minimize device downtime by having a replacement device on demand. This program keeps a backup of devices that are ready to go as needed.

IM2 Onsite installation icon

Installing and removing devices on forklifts can sometimes lead to damaged devices and lost parts. Let the experts remove and install the devices that are mounted to forklifts, trucks, and more. Our experts do all the work for you, saving you time and money, and allowing your employees to focus on the work that enhances your bottom line.

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To handle every phase of a mobile device’s lifecycle, from configuration provisioning to monitoring and help desk support to timely repairs, count on Imprint Mobility Manager. To learn more about how Imprint Mobility Manager (IM2) can boost your company’s efficiency and performance, please submit the form below.

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