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RFID Solutions

Imprint is your total solutions provider for RFID hardware, consumables, and installation.

Imprint Enterprises offers radio frequency identification (RFID) printing and labeling solutions to ensure that your business’s assets can be located whenever you need them.  Printing and encoding RFID tags, labels, and cards can greatly improve the efficiency of your business processes and will streamline supply chain management.

Our innovative RFID solutions equip customers with the ability to efficiently and accurately locate, track, and manage all of their assets, regardless of the size.  RFID can also be used to control and monitor employee or visitor access.  Our solutions cover access points, mobile devices, RFID tags, tag printing, and more.

RFID Solutions: Imprint Enterprises
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RFID vs. Barcodes

RFID and barcodes are two of the most prominent technologies manufacturers use for inventory control and supply chain management.  Although RFID and barcodes have a variety of overlapping uses, they are typically used for different types of applications and have different advantages:



  • RFID tags can be read from a great distance and do not need to be in the line of sight of the scanner.
  • RFID tags can be read in groups instead of having to be scanned individually.
  • Encryption and password protection are two features that make RFID very secure.
  • Variable data can be stored on an RFID tag and can be changed throughout the life of the tag.


  • Barcodes are much lighter and smaller than RFID tags, so they are very easy to handle and apply.
  • Barcodes can be printed directly onto materials, making them much less expensive than RFID tags.
  • Barcode scanning is extremely accurate, regardless of the material the barcode is printed on.
  • Barcodes have become a universally known technology and have no privacy concerns with their use.

Is RFID Feasible for My Enterprise?

Making the choice between barcodes and RFID is not a decision that should be taken lightly.  If you are unsure whether RFID is right for your enterprise, an expert from Imprint can conduct a feasibility analysis for RFID on your premises. Contact us to talk to an Imprint representative, and we can set up a consultation to find out which technology is right for your organization.

If RFID Is for You…

Imprint Enterprises is a total solutions provider for RFID technology, offering hardware, consumables, and installation/implementation.  We offer a wide variety of radio frequency identification printer and encoder platforms so that we can cater to any business needs or emerging trends our customers might have.  We ensure that our RFID solutions deliver the value you need to improve efficiency, increase profits, and grow as a business.

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