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Barcode label verification processes can become labor intensive, creating a backlog from slowing processes down to scan and verify barcodes, labels, and products. Efficiency in scanning can be dependent upon having everything set up just right and having enough employees to ensure everything is properly functioning. How can a business keep up with growing e-commerce and on-demand shipping if they must slow processes down?

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High quality can now be achieved at a high velocity. With Zebra industrial automation, you can verify quality and compliance at rapid speeds with up to 99.9% accuracy. Zebra’s unmatched technology reads labels that are dirty, wet, curved and torn. And our machine vision cameras can track low-contrasting text, as well as imperfect dot-matrix characters. You can even custom create your own library of codes with Zebra solutions.

Optimize your processes, whether new or existing, with scanning solutions that are flexible and customizable to your environment and workflows. Machine vision and fixed scanning are easy to set up, deploy, and run. These solutions can provide a higher throughput, greater accuracy, and lower overall costs associated with waste, flaws, and recalls.

Enhance dock door and forklift scanning, utilize precise scan tunnels and conveyors, and streamline packing processes with pack benches. Machine vision and fixed scanning technology can play a significant role in your business operations, from SMB to enterprise settings, and across most industries.

Automation can transform your business for faster deliveries and lessen dependency on hard-to-find employees or seasonal workers. Zebra delivers today while creating a smarter tomorrow.

Machine Vision and Fixed Scanning Solutions

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Machine vision uses a combination of hardware, software, and electronic components that allows industrial equipment to see and detect features or flaws, providing operational guidance to devices. The machine vision system can then use the acquired images to make fast decisions based on what it sees. Many companies rely on machine vision for visual inspection, process control, material inspection, and more.

Machine vision systems can be used to detect defects in objects, identify objects, track objects, sort products, recognize patterns and colors, and pass or fail detection. Continuous innovation creates greater flexibility and bigger automation possibilities that allow businesses to use machine vision to their advantage.

Fixed scanning can provide automation on your terms, from production to packaging, helping you make barcode reading and inspection easier and faster with lower error rates and greater throughput. Cameras read the barcodes and do optical character recognition (OCR), creating better visibility and reliability.

Fixed scanning systems can be used to create packing benches, scan products being moved via forklifts in an instant, scan items as they are coming and going at dock doors, and create scan tunnels to remove processing inefficiencies and increase throughput up to 24%.

Machine Vision Deployment Like No Other

Machine vision and fixed scanning rely on digital images that are captured with specialized optics to capture images for software and hardware to process, analyze, and measure the distinctive characteristics of the subject from the image capture. The information from the digital image is then used by the system for decision-making. The system can perceive the environment and perform objective measurements and decisions.

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Machine vision allows industrial equipment to see and detect features or flaws up to 4x faster than leading competitors, providing operational guidance to devices. This technology is helpful and highly sought after by companies for executing industrial tasks reliably and consistently. And with continuing advances in technology such as machine learning, deep learning, and more robust software, the future of machine vision is filled with many possibilities and an increasing number of applications that were not possible before.

Set your Facility to Exceed Future Expectations

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Logistics is the fastest-growing market, driven by big retailers that are invested in automation to streamline processes. Automation can transform your business for faster deliveries and lessen dependency on hard-to-find employees or seasonal workers. Zebra delivers today while creating a smarter tomorrow.

Zebra’s Machine Vision takes barcode label verification scanning to a whole new level, increasing throughput, elevating quality and accuracy, and lowering overall costs. Zebra Technologies is an expert in the barcoding technology field with rigorous testing of their own products and is one of the largest converters of barcode labels in the USA.

With 34+ years of experience and integration capabilities, Imprint Enterprises is a Premiere Solution Partner and authorized Machine Vision Partner with Zebra, with specialists to help you determine what your business needs to step forward while considering future possibilities. At Imprint, every client is about building a lasting relationship to facilitate client growth and future sustainability.

 Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss what Zebra’s Machine Vision solutions can do for your current and future needs.