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The Zebra Vision Study Report on technology and the food supply chain surveys the impact of safety, traceability, and transparency across the world. Consumer concerns over food borne illnesses and allergies have been a continuously growing concern, possibly more so since the pandemic.

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The study highlights global views of consumers and food and beverage industry decision-makers. The study shows the challenges businesses face on information throughout the supply chain. Consumers want to know about the source, quality, and safety of their foods. Consumers do not feel they are sufficiently informed.

COVID-19 may have since impacted this study by increasing consumer concerns on traceability and transparency. Curbside and e-commerce deliveries add to the pressures of businesses.

Zebra Technologies has the solutions your business needs to ease consumer concerns while optimizing resilience.

Consumer Faith in Food Safety is Low

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Consumer demand for unlimited choice, fast availability, and lower prices are increasing. This can impact your profit margins while generating pressure to maximize production. In some cases, it can cause manufacturing systems to exceed their limits. Food safety can quickly become compromised.

If consumers had the same access to information that decision-makers of the food and beverage industry have, they might have more trust in the processes. As it is, consumers’ top five food safety concerns are:

      1. Restaurant kitchen staff hygiene
      2. Foodborne outbreaks
      3. Illness from contaminated food
      4. Food and beverage recalls
      5. Restaurant wait staff hygiene
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By the Numbers

In the survey, 15 countries were represented in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. 4,957 consumers responded to the survey, aged 18 and up. 462 industry executives representing food and beverage industry decision-makers responded to the survey. The survey covered manufacturing, transportation and logistics, wholesale/distribution, and retail.

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80% of consumers surveyed had little to no trust in companies and brands to ensure food safety, compared to 63% of decision-makers who did not. When consumers lose trust in a company, it can drastically impact that company’s ability to generate profits.

69% of the industry decision-makers believed the industry can manage food traceability and transparency, compared to only 35% of consumers that agreed. This statistic shows the growing discrepancy between what information consumers have access to and what the decision-makers have access to.

Business Consequences of Food Safety

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There are several consequences of food safety incidents that can negatively impact a business. First off, a business’s finances can be impacted by recalls and stopped productions. Their reputation can be damaged, discouraging consumers from future purchases. The internet and social media are quick to spread bad publicity.

Legal and regulatory factors can tie up a business in processes that affect long-term operations with potential economic and practical consequences. Partners of a business affected by food safety issues may end their association to protect their own image.

Benefits of Using Technology

The impacts of food safety incidents can be seen immediately or can take a long time to resolve. Technology can be used to mitigate the challenges while boosting consumer confidence. It can identify gaps in food supply chain monitoring and highlight them as areas for improvements for you.

Updated technology can identify regulation requirements, helping to ensure you meet them before it’s too late. Providing greater information to flow improves visibility and transparency, while also improving traceability using a comprehensive log throughout the supply chain.

Using technology throughout the supply chain provides the information and confidence the consumers want. If you are in the 93% of industry decision-makers that plan to increase investments in food monitoring tools within the next year, why not get the best in the industry?

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Zebra Tech that can Increase Transparency & Safety

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RFID is the leading technological innovation that can improve food traceability within the supply chain, yet only 31% of businesses surveyed have not yet incorporated them. This can provide a unique opportunity to get a distinct advantage in the industry over competition. Zebra Technologies is the leading provider of RFID equipment.

Rugged handheld mobile computers with scanners, mobile barcode labels and thermal printers, and rugged scanners have been identified as the top three most popular technologies to improve traceability. Zebra Technologies has options that can match your needs, ranging from good, better, to best.

Temperature monitoring and sensing technology is expected to play a crucial role in the industry in the coming years. Products that are damaged or destroyed by temperature and humidity fluctuations can be easily tracked. Zebra Technologies merged with Temptime® technology, providing the industries best labels, cards, and sensors.


Get Ahead of the Competition Today

82% of consumers say the food and beverage industry has an ethical responsibility to ensure food safety. Ease consumer fears of foodborne illness and disease by integrating technology. Why wait on another public health crisis or some other market disruption? Close the trust gap and improve traceability and transparency.

Zebra Technologies is an award-winning company that knows and understands barcoding technology. Originally founded in 1969, Zebra now has 10’s of millions of devices worldwide, creating end-to-end solutions. Want to read the full report? You can get it by following this link.

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