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Welcome to the webinar rundown, Warehouse ADC Integration: Why it’s a Priority for your SMB’s Future and Growth. In this webinar, Bob Conti, President of Imprint Enterprises, and Greg Carras, Data Capture Solutions at Zebra Technologies, provide information on advanced data capturing devices from Zebra that can help your SMB grow into the future.

Warehouse ADC Integration with Zebra

Read on for highlights of the topics addressed in this webinar replay or go directly to Warehouse ADC Integration: Why it’s a Priority for your SMB’s Future and Growth to watch the replay.

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Zebra’s Data Capture Portfolio

forklift moving in a warehouse

Zebra offers data capturing devices with differing capabilities and functionalities for a variety of applications, needs, and budgetary requirements for SMB’s. Barcode scanners enable the collection of data while on the move in your facility, or from a fixed location.

Greg provides a variety of handheld and fixed scanners, with good, better, and best options to suit your specific needs:

      • DS2200 Series
      • DS4600 Series
      • DS8100 Series
      • Ultra-Rugged 3600 Series
      • Companion Scanner
      • Hands-Free Scanners
      • Single- & Multi-Plane Scanners
      • Android Micro-Kiosk Scanners

Built in Tools

With every Zebra scanner comes additional tools and software components to help optimize your workflows. DataCapture DNA and GS1 label parsing capabilities are designed to maximize your use of the scanners, without charging extra licensing to use after purchasing scanners.

Greg discusses DataCapture DNA and GS1 Label Parsing:

DataCapture DNA

    • Deploy
    • Manage
    • Optimize
    • Integrate
    • Secure

GS1 Label Parsing

    • Multiple data fields
    • Modify data output to host
    • Drag and drop configurations
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The 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series Scanners

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Zebra Technologies is the global leader in ultra-rugged technology, creating a first of its kind with the 3600 Ultra-Rugged scanners. With an IP68 and IP65, these ultra-rugged scanners work under water and have freezer-rated cables. Zebra took durability to a new level by throwing it from the top of a 4-story building.

Greg some special details of the 3600 ultra-rugged series technology:

    • Many models to choose from
    • Ultra-rugged
    • Productivity enhancing tools
    • Free software tools
    • Power management
    • Ease of use
    • Superior cordless technology
    • Virtual tether
    • Keypad and display (KD) version

Use Cases for the 3600 Ultra-Rugged Series Scanners

Greater flexibility with a wider range of applications of these ultra-rugged scanners provides ease of use in several types of facilities. Greg provides some potential uses of the ultra-rugged scanners with a breakdown of model numbers:

    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Warehouse
    • General Use
    • Manufacturing
        • DP & DPA Models

Accessories for the Ultra-Rugged 3600 Series

Zebra scanner Accessories

Accessories help ease device management and expand the flexibility for using the ultra-rugged series scanners. Greg discusses some of the purpose-built, ultra-rugged accessories:

    • Charger/Communication Cradles
    • 4-slot battery charger
    • Spare PowerPrecision+ batteries
    • Intellistand
    • Freezer-rated cables
    • Third-part heated scanner holders
    • Carrying options
    • Tool balancer/pulley for forklift operations
    • Forklift accessories

PowerPrecision+ Battery Technology

Smart batteries help reduce the total cost of ownership with scanners and improves the return on investment. PowerPrecision+ batteries expand the life cycle of individual batteries and take the guess work out of which batteries to replace and when. This minimizes the time spent managing batteries, improving uptime and worker productivity.

Greg discusses the perks of the advanced battery technology:

    • 100,000+ scans per charge
    • Highly accurate charge gauge
    • Extensive battery metrics
    • Complete solution
    • Smart battery data
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Unique Zebra Programs

Zebra creates comprehensive scanning packages by offering unique tools and programs that maximize the use and cost of your ultra-rugged scanners. Greg describes some of the tools and programs:

    • 123Scan
    • Scan-To-Connect
    • GoZebra Scanner Trade-In Rebate

Webinar Wrap-Up

From simple data capturing to harsh scanning environments, Zebra works hard to bring you the latest in technological advancements. Zebra Technologies and Imprint Enterprises have the tools, knowledge, and expertise to help you create a scanning solution that can improve productivity.

Bob and Greg complete the webinar by answering the following questions:

    • When you order a scanner, can you configure it with a smart battery, or does it come with a standard battery, and you have to add on the smart battery?
    • How long before you have to replace the battery in a standard scanner?
    • Does every scanner model have a battery that is removable and replaceable?
    • How often are people choosing models and then their business model changes, and they have to look at new scanning options?
    • If you buy a newer scanner model, is there a difference in the rebate with your Trade-In Program?
    • Bob: When implementing scanners, when there are multiple different areas with different scanners, how complex is it to integrate those into a WMS or similar system?

Watch the Webinar Replay

Zebra works hard to bring your company the scanning technology and tools it needs to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, with cost-effective options ranging from good, better, and best. Zebra is the leading expert in barcode scanning technology, bringing you the best ultra-rugged scanner in the industry.

With 32 years of experience and product knowledge, Imprint Enterprises is a Premiere Solution Partner with Zebra Technologies. Imprint is an industry-leading provider of barcode printers, scanners, verifiers, software, RFID, labeling, warehouse labeling systems, as well as repair and maintenance solutions.

Watch the webinar replay, Warehouse ADC Integration: Why it’s a Priority for your SMB’s Future and Growth. The experts are there to help you and your SMB. If you have questions, Contact Imprint Enterprises today.

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