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Your fleet just grew again by another x number of devices, pushing you beyond your bandwidth. All these devices have you overrun with activities – from repairs, to patches, to updates and more. There is no shortage of tasks required to maintain each of them which is just too much for you and/or your team to manage.

As a result, efficiency is decreasing and downtime is increasing because you can’t fix, patch, update, and repair the devices fast enough to keep them in optimal working condition.

You need broader and faster visibility across your entire fleet and the ability to work on each device more quickly once you pinpoint the errors and malfunctions.

It’s time to consider a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software (like SOTI’s MobiControl) which will be a key piece to your mobility strategy as your fleet grows and with it the volume of your responsibilities. 

An MDM software can provide you the information you need to more easily maintain and manage your mobile fleet from one place regardless of where you or the device is located.


Again, MDM means Mobile Device Management. Sometimes it’s also referred to as EEM for Enterprise Mobility Management. In its simplest terms, it’s a program that allows you the oversight to manage all your mobile devices from one place. Taking it one step further, MDM software allows you to: provision devices faster and get them into the hands of the users; secure information; support customers and workers remotely; and customize and simplify the user experience on their devices. What that means for you is reduced costs and downtime, thus increased efficiency. 

There are several MDM applications to choose from but our top choice and the one we can offer you is SOTI’s MobiControl. MobiControl is leading the industry in MDM solutions “for securing, supporting, and managing business-critical mobility and IoT device deployments.” MobiControl has the broadest device support – from laptops/PCs to AR headsets, and includes a wide range of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, single use devices, rugged devices). Plus, it’s brand agnostic meaning it works with any major operating system (Windows, Android, Apple.) MDM software is one giant step for you and a revolutionary leap for your device management.


The information that is captured by your MDM system will be based on the software itself and its capabilities. What we know about SOTI’s MobiControl is that it collects nearly all the data on each device, including (but not limited to): properties, app usage, geolocation, cellular and voice data usage, deployment info, and search results. Of interest is the unique location-based info about each device – where is it; where has it been; how was it or is it being used.

Additionally, an administration console also gives you information such as hierarchical organization of devices by location, business unit, or IT function. Dynamic and configurable charts offer information about connection dates and times, manufacturer model, operating system (OS) version and more.


MDM systems such as SOTI’s MobiControl gives you the visibility and therefore control through the lifecycle of each device, beginning with rapid deployment and provisioning through to a device’s retirement. In between, you can remote into a device to triage the problem on the spot. You can push updates or patches when you know a device is not in use and make it ready to go for when it’s next needed. You can wipe it clean automatically if it goes beyond a determined geofence. You can review only those devices in geographic location and hide the rest, keeping your attention focused on just the fleet requiring your attention in that moment.

You can block off any non-business-related apps or functions to keep the devices dedicated to the job at-hand and prevent employees from using them for personal use. You can track your devices whereabouts and use as well as its needs (updates, repairs, and more). With this comprehensive overview of the fleet and the detailed visibility of each device, you can take care of multiple devices all at one time if/when needed, or simply focus on just those devices requiring your immediate response – all while keeping business moving.

You don’t need to struggle trying to manage every device individually.

With reputable MDM Software like SOTI’s MobiControl you can manage them all – together or individually- from one place. Want to learn more about how MDM Software can make your mobile management easier? Contact us. Interested in learning more about SOTI’s MobiControl – check out this video. Want to skip both and head right for a demo – we can make that happen, get in touch today.