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Zebra ET80/85 rugged tablets

ET4x Series Rugged Tablets:
The Enterprise Ready Rugged Tablets from Zebra Technologies

Consumer-grade tablets are not built to withstand rugged enterprise handling. Your facility benefits from using technology that is transportable, yet mobile computers can be bulky and if there is a scanning device, it often needs to be tethered to a host device. Tablets would be great for your company if it doesn’t have the standard consumer format that isn’t truly compatible to the line of work performed.

Zebra Technology, the global leader in barcode technology, understands the necessity of durable, rugged tablets that provide greater mobility and easier in-house access for all your company needs. Rugged and ready for work, the ET4x Series Tablets can survive drops, subzero temperatures, and even hose downs.

Choose from 8-inch or 10-inch screens, coated with protective Corning Gorilla Glass. With advanced wireless connectivity of WiFi 6E and 4G/5G in some models, you never have to worry work lost. And speaking of lost work, can you swap out the batteries in your current tablet without losing your work or starting over? You can with these tablets.

Zebra has the technological edge on commercial grade rugged tablets. Give your employees the ability to get the job done right, in any enterprise environment.

ET-40 Zebra rugged tablet
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The Rugged Tablets that Enhance Operational Readiness

Suited for extreme work environments, the ET8x series rugged tablets have Windows interfacing for better manageability and enhanced security features. From Manufacturing to Transportation to Public Safety, these rugged tablets are designed to maximize productivity.

• Retail / Hospitality

o Price / Inventory Checks
o Line Busting
o Point of Sale / Mobile Point of Sale
o Inventory Management
o Staff Management & Communication
o Guest Check-in
o Restaurant Wait Staff / Ordering

• Manufacturing

o Mobile Work Order Management
o Safety Inspection & Compliance
o Manufacturing Plant Floor Management
o Forklift Operations

• Field Mobility / Transportation

o Routing / Dispatch Communications
o Personnel Tracking
o Routing & Dispatch
o Proof of Pickup / Delivery
o Parcel Track & Trace


Worker using a Zebra rugged tablet in the field
Zebra ET 80-85 rugged tablet
Salesman using the ET40 to help a customer

The ET40 and ET45 Series Rugged Tablets

An enterprise-class tablet that is ready to go right out of the box, the ET4x series tablets are a thin and light consumer style that is business tough. Choose from the 8-inch or 10-inch screen size that is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass and can automatically adjust the display brightness and backlight.

Enterprise-class 1D/2D scanning is integrated into the tablet so there is no need for a second device to carry around. With stereo speakers, two microphones, and an audio headset support via USB-C port or Bluetooth, these tablets can be used for walkie talkie communications and video calling. The ET4x series rugged tablets have everything you need for your enterprise at the right price.


  • Android Operating System
  • Enhanced Connectivity
    • WiFi
    • Cellular (ET45 only)
    • Bluetooth 5.1
    • NFC
  • Drop to concrete of up to 4ft (1.2 m) standard
    • With optional rugged frame: 5 ft (1.5 m)
  • IP65 Sealing
  • Temperature Range of -4F to 122F / -20C to 50C operating
    • Non-operating -40 to 158 F / -40 to 70 C
  • Best-in-class 13 MP rear color camera with user-controlled LED flash for high resolution imaging
  • GPS capability (ET45 only)
  • Accessories
    • Power options
    • Protection options; Rugged Boots
    • Productivity solutions
    • Spare / replacement accessories

Setting Top Standards for Rugged Tablets that can Greatly Enhance Efficiency

The ET4x series rugged tablets have fast and reliable wireless connections that enable workers to take fewer steps when complete a task. Having the power of world-class scanning without having to be tethered to a host computer can save your employees time and your company money.
Ready-to-use voice solutions with Push-to-Talk walkie-talkie style calls enhances communication at a faster pace. Built-in Zebra Mobility DNATM Professional make these rugged tablets easier to secure, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot.

Our friendly and expert Specialists can talk with you to help you determine whether the ET4x Series Rugged Tablets is best for you.

Save your company valuable time with a fast ROI, Contact us today!

ET40 used in transportation
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