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Zebra Visibility Services

Imprint’s partnership with Zebra means we can offer not only top-quality products from this industry leader, but also support services to keep those products performing at optimal levels. For example, the Zebra Printhead Protection Program provides no-cost replacement of failed printheads for all of their printers if you have used Zebra supplies exclusively. For mobile computers and printers, Zebra has two types of visibility service to provide valuable information about the location, performance, and health of these devices. Armed with this data, you can make effective decisions and proactively manage device availability and productivity.

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Asset Visibility Services (AVS)

Investing in quality mobile computers and printers is smart. But if those devices aren’t working properly, you’re losing revenue. AVS uses Zebra’s cloud-based Asset Visibility Platform and an agent installed on all Zebra devices to collect business-critical data and present it on customizable operational dashboards. You can track and monitor where and how your assets are being used. You’ll be alerted to potential problems, such as a dying battery, and receive recommendations for solutions. Knowing about such problems ahead of time helps you to better manage your operational costs and budget. AVS gives you the insights you need to increase productivity and efficiency.

Operational Visibility Services (OVS)

OVS provides the same collection and analysis of business-critical data as AVS and adds integrated, two-way, remote Mobile Device Management (MDM) functions. You gain not only operational insight but also centralized control over management tasks, including device updates, troubleshooting, security measures such as remote lock and wipe, and more. If you already have MDM software, you can use OVS Connect, which will integrate with your existing MDM platform to access its data and augment its capabilities with Zebra’s reports and analytics. Online training and user guides are included. Zebra’s visibility services ensure that you get the maximum performance, uptime, and value from your mobile devices.

Device Management

Imprint Enterprises offers industry-leading mobile device management software that keeps customers secure and optimizes the productivity of employees and their equipment.


In order to ensure that your handheld computers are working at peak efficiency, utilize our robust collection of services, like staging and deployment or equipment repair.


In addition to offering the industry's top technologies, Imprint Enterprises also provides the supplies and accessories customers need to succeed.

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