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Zebra MC3300

The MC3300 offers greater productivity, efficiency and comfort from a mobile computer. With increased picking rates, easier aiming, and multiple form factors, it will ensure reliable and fast performance from front-of-store to the warehouse. This Zebra mobile computer is loaded with innovative features and is pre-licensed with Android OS.

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Innovative Features of the MC3300

  • Data capture: The MC3300 mobile computer captures data from as far away as 70 feet. It handles low- and high-impact scanning scenarios with ease and reliable scans at low, intermediate, and long ranges.
  • Multiple form factors: The MC3300 is configurable for each unique use case: pistol grip, turret with rotating head, straight shooter 0o scan and 45o scan.
  • Rugged and long lasting: The MC300 is IP54 sealed against dust and spills and the touchscreen is made of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled WorkForce Connect: This advanced communication system allows workers to connect instantly from anywhere in your facility.
  • Compatible with MC3200: The MC3300 is backwards compatible with MC3200 accessories, charging cradles, and more.

Easily Transition to Android OS

All-touch Terminal Emulation (TE) is pre-loaded on every model. With TE, warehouse operators can easily turn traditional ‘green screens’ into touch-centric intuitive screens that increase workers’ productivity and efficiency

The MC3300 is Android Certified for exceptional security and performance. Zebra provides LifeGuard™ for Android, guaranteeing direct security updates for 10 years from the release date. It also allows for the ability to upgrade to future versions of Android.

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