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Zebra Printhead Protection Program: Avoid Barcode Readability Errors

Have You Seen Barcode Labels Like This?

Low-quality barcode labels are an unfortunate and common issue across industries. Unreadable barcodes can result in disasters like lost data, and can impact the integrity of your operation. Have you experienced these issues? Your printhead may be at fault.

Zebra Printhead
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ERP Barcode System: Imprint Enterprises

Partial Transfer

A too-high printing speed or energy and the use of a wax ribbon can result in poor barcode sharpness.

ERP Barcode System: Imprint Enterprises


Flouring is the result of the use of incompatible ribbons and labels, a print speed set too high, and not enough heat.

ERP Barcode System: Imprint Enterprises

Ribbon Wrinkle

If the printhead pressure is misaligned or ribbon quality is poor, it can result in ribbon wrinkles and difficult to read barcodes.

Scan More and Save Money

Scan More and Save Money

Maintaining your thermal printer’s printhead is critical to ensuring print quality, and if proper maintenance is ignored, or improper medium is used, it could result in costly printhead repairs, unreadable labels, and reduced productivity.

With the Zebra printhead protection program, available through Imprint Enterprises, you can eliminate downtime due to inconsistent print quality, re-prints, or scanning or readability issues. Further increase productivity by utilizing genuine Zebra supplies, which can extend the life of your printhead and improve the quality of your labels. Your operation can benefit from the convenience of a one-source supplier, as well as a lower total cost of operation and ownership.

Scan More and Save Money

Free Printheads! No Cost

With the Zebra printhead replacement program, Imprint Enterprises will replace your failed printhead at no charge. The only eligibility requirement is that you agree to only use genuine Zebra supplies on your printer to help ensure print quality and lifespan.

With over 1,000 combinations of high-quality labels, tags, receipts, wristbands, ribbons, and stock products, Zebra products can meet the durability requirements of virtually any application.

Scan More and Save Money

Reduce No-Scan Chargeback from Big Box Retailers

Unreadable barcodes don’t just slow productivity, they can result in costly chargebacks from big box retailers. With Zebra’s printhead replacement program, you can ensure your barcodes are printed clearly and accurately, so you don’t have to worry about expensive chargebacks from retailers like Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Wal-Mart, Ikea, and more.

Scan More and Save Money

Medical Companies and UDI Compliance

Companies that handle medical devices must take extra steps to ensure print quality. Any devices used in the medical field have to meet strict requirements, and barcode labels are no exception. Make sure you are aware of and capable of meeting unique device identifier (UDI) compliance rulings, a large portion of which is dedicated to ensure the scannability of medical products to ensure safety.

Enroll in the Zebra Printhead Protection Program with Imprint Enterprises today and never worry about unexpected printhead replacement costs again.