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Minimize Printer Management Time and Cost and Maximize Printer Uptime with Zebra's Remote Printer Management Solution

Zebra Technologies’ Printer Profile Manager will empower you to get the most out of your industrial printer solutions. Printer Profile Manager is a hosted software platform that will allow you visibility into your full printer fleet. The most fully featured remote printer management solution in its class, you will be able to effortlessly manage all of your Zebra Link-OS® printers, no matter where they are located, from a single location. Quickly determine printer statuses, such as online, off-line or error for trouble shooting and minimal printer downtime.

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Easy Set-Up and Installation

Printer Profile Manager is simple to set up with an easy-to-use self-installer. Each Link-OS printer on your network will be automatically discovered and connected to the management console. This will eliminate the time your team spends locating, configuring and troubleshooting printers. With over 300 settings, quickly and easily create printer configurations, no matter how complex, with just a few clicks.

Complete Control of Printer Updates

With Zebra Printer Profile Manager, you will have complete control over when your printers are updated. Choose to update them automatically when the printer is powered on and first discovered on the network or choose a specific date and time to minimize workflow disruption and downtime. You may also opt to push printer configurations down automatically. Additionally, a direct and encrypted connection delivers built-in enterprise security to protect sensitive data.

More about Printer Profile Manager Enterprise

User Roles for Granular Permissions Controls

Easily control not only who has access to printers, but their level of access as well. Define settings and tools for any role within your enterprise, such as administrators, technicians, and users. Administrators might need access to all available tools and settings, whereas technicians need only access the settings and tools required for day-to-day maintenance.

Manage Important Label Objects

Zebra Printer Profile Manager has an integrated font and graphic converter that makes it easy to manage label template objects, maximizing print times. Gain access to an odometer that tracks the labels printed through each printer. Each LinkOS printer has three label odometers, two of which can be reset to meet your enterprises’ unique needs.

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