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Zebra ZT410 Silverline

The ZT410 Silverline on-metal RFID label printer is an ideal integrated solution for on-demand RFID asset tagging for all surfaces.

The ZT410 Silverline on-metal RFID label printer is an ideal integrated solution for on-demand RFID asset tagging for all surfaces. Zebra partnered with Confidex to create the first on-metal Silverline RFID label printer solution that empowers companies to unlock the benefits of RFID tracking on a broader group of items. The ZT410 RFID Silverline was developed to solve the problem of running thick, metal labels through an RFID barcode printer.

Zebra ZT410 Silverline
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Increased RFID Read Performance

Designed to work on a variety of surfaces, such as metallic cylinders, Silverline labels solve challenges that, in the past, caused difficulties for RFID applications. Silverline labels combine the on-metal performance of hard tags and effortless application of labels, making RFID use easier and more efficient than ever. Silverline labels are ideal for industrial logistics, asset tracking, and work-in-process monitoring applications. Silverline labels can be attached to curved surfaces and used in tough environments without compromising the reading performance.

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Benefits of Silverline RFD Labels

The ZT400 Series is easy to manage and simple to integrate. Adaptive encoding technology allows for excellent media flexibility and simple RFID calibration, eliminating complex placement guidelines.

  • Operating temperatures: -35 degrees C to 85 degrees C / -31 degrees F to 185 degrees F
  • Peak temperature: 110 degrees C / 230 degrees F for 10 minutes
  • Water resistance: IP68, tested for 5 hours in 1 meter deep water
  • Washing resistance: tolerates industrial washing with standard solvents
  • Chemical resistance: No physical or performance changes in:
    • 168h Sulfuric acid exposure
    • 168h Motor oil exposure
    • 168 Salt water exposure
    • 30 min NaOH exposure
  • Storage condition: 1 year in 20 degrees C / 50% RH
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