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As business grows and inventory changes, warehouse labeling systems evolve too. But removing old labels from racks and shelf beams can cause major headaches. Chipping and scraping at stubborn adhesive can damage beams and waste valuable time and money. Scratches or old residue can lead to issues with the readability of new labels. Now there is a solution to this problem: CleanBeam labels.

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The Problem: Dealing with Stubborn, Stuck-On Label Remnants

We’ve all experienced the frustrations of trying to get rid of difficult, unwanted stickers and labels. It’s a time-consuming and labor-intensive process — and surely there are more productive ways for your employees to spend their work day. Using a sharp tool or solvents in removal efforts can lead to scratches or other surface damage. These scrapes and dings, along with any paper or adhesive residue left behind, not only look unsightly but also may interfere with scanners, causing errors during order picking or stock replenishment. New labels placed over old ones might not cover completely, also causing scan errors and losses in efficiency. But the CleanBeam labeling system makes moving and replacing labels easy. You’ll eliminate these problems and save time and money.

The Answer: CleanBeam

The CleanBeam solution starts with opaque cover-up labels. These can be made in any color to match your racks and shelves. Instead of scraping away at old labels, simply smooth the cover-ups over the beam to create a new, clean surface. The cover-ups hide any traces of previous labels and barcodes. Then you can apply new, easy-to-read labels on that surface. The new labels can be peeled off easily, with no trace left behind, making it a snap to move or replace them. Your beams will have a uniform, professional look, and your workers can perform their jobs more efficiently.

Throw those old scrapers away, and discover the CleanBeam advantage.

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