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The Ultimate Guide to Barcode Verification

Barcodes have become a vital component of supply chain management, asset tracking, and other applications across industries. In warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, hospitals, and other businesses, barcode labels or direct part marks help manage inventory, initiate new orders, confirm employee identification, confirm medication dosages, help locate valuable assets, and automate countless other tasks. That’s why the ability to quickly and accurately scan barcodes is so vital. A poor quality barcode can disrupt tracking operations and cause multiple failures across the value chain. This can lead to expensive mistakes, scrap, rework, incorrect shipments, or fines.

Ultimately, the benefits of using barcodes – improved productivity and accuracy  – are undermined by a poorly performing printing and labeling operation. Because of this, barcode verification and validation have become critical steps in the automatic identification process. By verifying and validating barcodes, companies can ensure that they maintain barcode print quality and data integrity.

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The Ultimate Guide to Barcode Verification

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