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How efficient is the warehouse of the future if it is chained to technology from the past? The unique blend of human and technology strengths is where real, sustainable performance lives. Of course, even the latest technology has limited value if it’s not deployed correctly or can’t withstand the ultimate rigors of the job.

Is it time you make an honest assessment and ask yourself “Are my current printers able to best meet the needs of the facility now and into the future?” If your decision criteria is similar to other managers, reliability, connectability, scalability, and workforce acceptance weigh heavily on your answer.

Honeywell Industrial printer in a factory

Honeywell understands. And so do we at Imprint Enterprises. Because what worked yesterday or even today may not work tomorrow. At least not to the expectations of management.

So to keep business, productivity and profits flowing, an upgrade to the smarter smart printer could make both business and financial sense.

4 Compelling Reasons to Consider the PM43 Series of Mid-Range Industrial Printers

Honeywell PM43 printer

The PM43 printers hit the ground running and keep running reliably, even without the need for an attached computer. All thanks to in-printer apps that directly control other devices such as scanners, scales, keyboards, and other peripherals.

These programmable PM Series smart printers deliver reliable performance for uptime assurance, quick deployment and integration, and the fastest throughput in their class. The PM Series is available in a variety of enclosure sizes and door types to fit your exact needs and uses.

Here are four advantages of the PM43 Series of Mid-Range Industrial Printers:

  1. Fast printer speeds: up to 12 inches per second.
  2. Best connectivity in its class: this includes Wi-Fi and Cisco CCX certifications, plus additional Bluetooth®: connectivity. The PM series quickly interfaces with virtually any IPv4 or IPv6 network.
  3. Reduce workforce training and device support time: via intuitive features like a vibrant color touchscreen or intuitive icon user interface.
  4. Upgrading made easy: With comprehensive printer command language support, including ZSim2, upgrading just became easier and more efficient.

The PM43 Series printers have other features and benefits as well …

Factory worker using the Honeywell PM43 bar code printer

Rapid Deployment Today. Future Ready Tomorrow.

Honeywell pm43 used in a factory

PM43 Printers are designed and configured with the end-user in mind. For example, to assure maximum uptime, the PM Series printers offer a user-friendly interface in more ways than one.

First, with a large, color touchscreen that’s multilingual and available in 10 different languages. Second, is the total flexibility of display options available. If desired, the display can also feature an easy-to-understand universal icon interface. Third, the touchscreen is virtually tamper-proof since it can be locked down easily.

Even better, with their user-selectable, all-in-one programming languages, the PM Series printers fit seamlessly into most IT infrastructures. The printers can be deployed quickly into existing Honeywell or mixed printer environments.

Deployment is further simplified and downtime is reduced thanks to integrated device management and diagnostic capabilities provided through the Honeywell SmartSystems™ Foundation and Wavelink Avalanche®.

Trust Honeywell to have the future in mind with the PM Series printers. They’re 100% ready for the future, with IPv6 support, plus CCX and Wi-Fi certifications.

Three Different Models. Consistent Performance Throughout

Beyond the productivity of pure printing speed, Honeywell PM Series printers are smart printers in every sense of the word. That’s because they’re proven to reduce labeling errors and increase process efficiency. And with Precision Print, even the smallest barcodes and images can be printed with pinpoint accuracy – no frequent media adjustments are at all necessary.

PM Series printers are available in three configurations with various sizes and footprints: PM43, PM43c, and PM23c. Each has a built-in advantage, the ability to run sophisticated apps right in the printer itself thanks to industry-leading Honeywell Smart Printing supporting C#.

Honeywell pm43 printer close up

All PM Series printers feature an integrated web interface. What does that mean for your operation? The interface assures easy setup, monitoring, and configuration through a variety of devices, including handheld computers, tablets, or smartphones.

As a third-generation industrial printer platform, the rugged PM Series printers boost reliability as well as helping to reduce maintenance costs. Featuring a rugged, strong, metal construction, PM Series printers perform admirably in any number of harsh industrial environments.

PM43 Industrial Printers are an Even Smarter Business Decision

Side view of the Honeywell pm43 industrial printer

Upgrading to the PM Series of Honeywell printers has never been easier. In addition to deployment easy, rugged reliability, and productivity gains, PM Series printers come with command language support, including ZSim2, fast, and user-friendly, complete ZPL-II emulation.

Find out more about how much can be accomplished quickly, painlessly, and far more effectively with the Honeywell PM43 Series of Midrange Industrial Smart Printers.

 Make the smart choice: contact Imprint today to discuss all your device management choices and options. For more information contact or call (855) 745-4464 today.