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Maybe you have already implemented the power of mobile carts into your business. You understand that empowering employees to be able to use the most advanced technology from where they stand in the workplace makes the entire operation more efficient.

Newcastle Powered Industrial Carts are proven to dramatically increase productivity. When workers are walking, you’re losing money. Endless trips to the printer, to enter data, or collect parts add up fast. Newcastle carts provide complete mobile workstations to keep workers on high-value tasks, often doubling their output. 

Newcastle mobile carts

Thousands of installations prove that Newcastle customers get more done and save money.

Mobile carts are offering companies many benefits, including:

Woman using the Newcastle mobile cart in a store
  • Fast dock-to-stock – Reduce cycle times by up to 60% for more capacity with the same resources.
  • Trimmed payroll – Get higher throughout in fewer hours, and up to 75% less overtime.
  • The end of mislabeling – Mislabeling is crazy expensive-and pretty much eliminated when you input, print, and apply at the pallet. Easy with a cart.
  • Untethered workforce – Paying workers to wear out their shoes? A cart will have them adding value instead. Watch their satisfaction grow along with their productivity.
  • Small footprint. Big Return – Carts deliver huge gains without infrastructure or software changes. You won’t find a better cost/benefit equation, with predictable 6-month ROI and lifetime rewards.

If you have already invested in mobile cart technology, then you know these benefits are significant. But like all technologies, they need to be upgraded over time. Some batteries may last years, others may not. Some may not offer the continuous power they once did. Not being able to use mobile technology for as long can present a new set of issues.

Making the switch from lead acid to lithium batteries will increase your efficiency. The new lithium batteries allow for up to 3,000 charges over 8 years, compared to 300 charges on a lead acid battery. That’s 10 times the current lifespan.

Now is the time to make the commitment to mobile cart technology if you haven’t already. Batteries, carts, and charging equipment are all quickly advancing, allowing businesses in all industries to reap the benefits of this switch.

Mobile carts offer significant advantages for businesses in:

  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical and Health Care
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • More
Factory worker with Newcastle cart

Mobile carts can increase your efficiency and save you money at the same time. One Imprint Enterprises customer found that the efficiency of using mobile carts equated to 2 hour per day of productivity increase per employee. This is because they weren’t going back and forth to the printer, or other terminals. At $20 an hour, with 220 working days per year, that equated to about $9,000 savings per year. This savings more than covered the cost of the carts.

With upcoming advancements in the technology, now is an excellent time to update your mobile cart technology.

What’s New in Mobile Carts?

Newcastle lithium Iron battery

Newcastle Fixed Lithium Battery

The Newcastle fixed lithium battery is light weight and offers 10 times the battery life of the standard sealed lead acid (SLA) mobile cart batteries. It works for as many as 3,000 battery cycles, or 8-10 years. This empowers employees to do their work without constantly having to worry about replacing the batteries on the mobile cart to maintain power.

These batteries are for the NB and PC cart series, with multiple options available. The fixed lithium batteries fit the powerpacks: PP42LI, PP45LI, or PP55LI. They are capable of charging on the cart and use Bluetooth technology.

Newcastle Nucleus Mini and Classic Batteries

The lightweight mini batteries weigh 6 pounds while the classic batteries come in at 12. Both battery versions last 3,000 cycles or about 8-10 years so that you won’t need to worry about replacements for a long time.

The mini has an 18-hour battery life, while the classic has a 36-hour life, so both offer the capability to easily get through a shift. You can carry more than one charged battery on a cart, so that when one is depleted it can simply be swapped out for the other.

The mini requires a 2-hour charge and is ideal for lightweight mobile equipment. The classic requires a 4 hour charge and is good for PC monitors and other equipment.

LT Series Laptop Cart

The LT series laptop cart offers a lightweight mobile solution that is ideal for those who might not want to be bogged down with a heavy cart. It’s ideal for those looking to utilize a laptop, scanner, or other lightweight equipment. There is no monitor mount for this cart.

The cart does include a top and middle shelf, with a low price point, between $995 and $2,065.

QC Series Nucleus Classic

QC Series Cart Redesign

QC carts are designed for you to keep all the tools necessary for the job right next to you at your mobile location. It’s ideal for employees who perform quality testing, measurement and inspection, or other processes that require significant storage.

The redesigned QC series prioritizes productivity with seamless AC mobile power to all devices. The cart allows employees to be able to perform quality control assessments at the product. It also allows for vast storage and device usage options and comes with the same accessories including: optional printer shelf, optional scanner holder, and up to 3 lockable storage drawers.

The redesign comes in at a lower cost, and the materials shifted from plastic to metal, allowing for enhanced durability in rugged environments. Newcastle has prioritized maintaining the same functionality out of this cart.

Newcastle NUCR Multi Bay Charging Rack

This new charging rack from Newcastle is the perfect solution for keeping your inventory of Powerswap Nucleus®, classic, or mini batteries topped off and ready for action. It’s built to hold up to six Powerswap Nucleus® batteries, or 12 mini batteries.

The charging rack eliminates the need for messy cords plugged into multiple outlets. It allows for clean and integrated cable management through the confines of the rack.

charging rack

Mobile Cart Technology is Advancing

Women using a Newcastle Mobile Power Cart

Mobile cart technology offers businesses a tremendous advantage in productivity and efficiency. Like most technologies, the benefits are quickly advancing, and the carts and batteries of today are even more powerful with more potential benefits than just a few short years ago.

There is no need to keep working with carts that are decreasing in battery life, or not offering the same level of performance that they were when they were purchased. And with the new charging rack from Newcastle, being able to charge all batteries in one location became much easier as well.

Ask Us About Our Newcastle Products

At Imprint Enterprises, we are a proud supplier of Newcastle mobile powered cart products. Our dedicated sales representatives will help you find the best solution for efficiency. With our decades of experience, we have the insight necessary to become your strategic business partner.

Newcastle is a leading, dependable brand when it comes to carts. If you are looking to update your mobile cart technology, contact us today!