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 Easily Convert a Green Screen to Android-Style Interface

Rapidly evolving enterprise technology systems can create a challenging environment for the seasoned worker. Imagine learning a tried-and-true operating system over the span of your career to have it changed in an instant—and what’s more, updated frequently. This can cause problematic disruptions to workflow and productivity and an increased need for IT support. On the other hand, members of the workforce fluent in modern technology may have difficulty using tools they view to be archaic, resulting again in workflow disruption and decreased productivity and ultimately profit loss.

Next generation Terminal Emulation (TE) software gives the employee access to the same intuitive, highly graphical, and familiar Android-style interface, resulting in easier adaptation, therefore reducing the amount of time spent in training and decreasing data entry errors. Next-gen terminal emulation effortlessly constructs seamless transformation from legacy green screens to a more recognizable and user-friendly Android-style system, bridging the gap across members of the workforce.

No More Annoying Dropped Sessions

Next generation TE solutions are designed specifically for wireless environments where connection dead spots are unavoidable and exist in every facility. Due to the nature of their architecture and transport layer, traditional terminal emulation solutions are unable to function through inconsistencies in Wifi and Cellular network connections— leading to frequent dropped sessions and interruptions. Next-gen solutions eliminate dropped sessions, resulting in decreased down-time and more efficient workers.

How does it work? When dead zones are encountered on the job, the server keeps connection in the application open until the device is able to re-establish its connection to the network. In traditional TE, this would lead to a complete restart and data loss once an area of connectivity is reached. Next-gen terminal emulation however, taps into a basic caching function which stores data during times when connectivity is lost. Workers can then pick up where they left off without losing time and without assistance from IT. Virtually eliminating dropped sessions leads to dramatic reduction in support call volume, therefore reducing product support cost and increasing the bottom line.

Heightened Security

By way of unique architecture, next-gen terminal emulation is a naturally more secure system for heightened security of your vital information. All Telnet or SSHv2 communication is executed locally via the host computer rather than across the wireless network, securely delivering information over an unsecured network.

Choosing terminal emulation solutions with encryption, firewall-friendly design, application lockdown and support for port filter and access list controls, enables the end user the control over the integrity of their data and interactions.

Workers Can Operate More Efficiently

Next generation terminal emulation is the fastest solution available for mobile devices, increasing efficiency. Additionally, the reliability built into the design reduces interruption and downtime in the work day. Not only are workers able to maintain a high level of functionality throughout their tasks, increasing their productivity, but the elimination of dropped sessions greatly reduces the volume of support calls and IT cost related to wireless barcode devices, driving a higher profit margin for your business.

A terminal emulation solution which enables any member of the workforce to access data seamlessly, without disruption, and with minimal effort, enhances the user experience and the overall work environment, empowering workers to work more efficiently. More efficient workers create a profitable outcome for your bottom line.

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