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Using a barcode labeling system that is not connected to an ERP cuts that barcode labeling system off from the advantages of having real-time inventory information. Barcode labeling solutions provide a real-time or near-real-time view of assets, shipments, work-in-process, inventory, and other items. This provides ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems with the most up-to-date information available to provide clear business insight to management.

By providing a direct interface between the barcode labeling system and the ERP system, your operations can benefit in several ways. Seamlessly connect your enterprise resource planning software to all your back-end systems. Maintain your current system’s standard look and feel even with a new system.

Connecting an ERP system to a barcode labeling system can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and provide better inventory tracking and visibility.

Give your print operators an intuitive end-user experience. Successfully manage printer errors to keep production moving. Everything you need for ERP labeling with no hidden costs. Imprint Enterprises has helped a multitude of clients to improve their operations with this integration.


Connecting an ERP system to a barcode labeling system can reduce costs, improve accuracy, and provide better inventory tracking and visibility. You can save a substantial amount of money in labor costs when barcode data is automatically gathered and immediately available. There is no more wasted time manually entering data or generating reports.

Your company can better optimize and even reduce stock on hand, reducing inventory and holding costs. A barcode labeling system that is integrated with an ERP system enables a company to take a lean and intelligent approach to inventory management that isn’t possible using manual methods.

Manually entering data is prone to data entry errors and is a slow method given today’s technological advancements in the industry. Barcode label systems improve efficiency and accuracy of data collection and provides faster access to the data needed.

Barcode scanning connected to an ERP system during receiving, stocking, picking, and shipping offers a better and more accurate view of the total inventory. In turn, this data forms the basis of better production, planning, and delivery forecasting. Your sales team can provide customers with the real-time information that your whole company has access to.

Maintain the Current Look and Feel

When you merge a barcode labeling system with your ERP, you can maintain your system’s standard look and feel. This creates a user-friendly experience for your employees as they are already equipped with the ERP knowledge. This generates an easy transition for your employees in learning the integrated system. Imprint Enterprises offers barcode labeling solutions that are compatible with leading ERP software products such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, EPICOR, Sage, and others.

Intuitive End-User Experience

Give your print operators an intuitive end-user experience with a direct link from the mobile computer to the barcode scanner to the ERP system. This real-time information helps with product lookups, shipment information, and locating inventory in other locations.

You get rich printing functionality with the ability to log, reprint, and select specific object sizing options with an interconnected ERP and barcode labeling system. The information is already in the system so there is no need to have to manually configure anything anymore. Design changes and printer configuration changes are also easy to maintain in this integrated system.

Keep Production Flowing

Successfully manage printer errors to keep production moving while improving customer satisfaction. Barcode labeling systems can be configured to automatically generate labels and launch print jobs based on specific ERP transactions, minimizing data entry error and user intervention.

By printing barcode labels directly from the ERP database, users can improve error proofing of labels, reduce misprints, and reduce the data entry required to generate those labels. Using barcodes on the production line can provide the ERP system with a more accurate view of production and work-in-process, as well as labor tracking.

Eliminate errors and incorrect shipments, saving on costs of returns, customer chargebacks, handling costs, and possible fees. Even the most tight-fisted operations manager can appreciate the benefits of eliminating manual keystrokes, reducing labor costs, eliminating errors, and improving customer satisfaction.  While an integrated barcode label scanner can collect and record data faster than a speeding bullet, the error rate is only about 1 in 3 million.

Maintain the Current Look and Feel

With Imprint Enterprises, there are no hidden costs. We tell you everything you need to integrate a barcode labeling system with you ERP system. Full transparency is key to knowing just how much you will save in the long run.

Benefits to Enhance Your Effectiveness

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What are you willing to sacrifice before you stepping up to the competition in a technologically driven age? Interconnecting your ERP system to a barcode labeling system ups your game inside your company while providing exception customer service.

Being able to maintain your system’s look and feel makes it that much easier for employees to have a user-friendly experience. Printing is easier than it has ever been with minimal manual data entry, which also decreases errors. This keeps production moving and inventory known in real-time.

Improve the accuracy, productivity, and efficiency in your company while extending even better service to customers and suppliers.

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