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Most warehouses have over a half a million rack and bin labels. Then you add into that figure how many aisle signs, floor signs, hanging signs, and another other labels and signs not yet mentioned. How many does your warehouse have? That is a lot of data to ensure is accurate at every point.

Printing sequential labels and signs requires precision printing, knowledge, and specialized equipment. With that much data, it is essential to check the quality of the labels and signs as they are printed. Do you have the technology to ensure the quality of labels and signs?

Mistakes can become costly when installing labels and signs. From ensuring every label and sign is scannable and readable, to improper placement, to accidents from not having the proper installation equipment.

You can easily avoid the costly mistakes by using our in-house specialists that are fully trained on printing, placement, and have the proper equipment.

Are your employees properly trained on how to install labels and signs? How much training would it require for them to know how to manage all the data involved in labels and signs and proper installation and placement? What would be the cost to have your employees deter from filling orders to get every label and sign properly installed?

Hiring Specialists that can come to your warehouse at a time that is most convenient to your hours of operation increases the accuracy of installation, decreases the time it takes for installation, and minimizes mistakes that are preventable. There is less opportunity cost of your employees by hiring Specialists that are well trained.

Codes on Labels and Signs Gain Complexity as Technology Advances

Specialists understand the complexity of barcodes and the technology needed to ensure top quality for maximum efficiency in your warehouse. You should have a team that is well trained in the complex technology of label and sign printing and installation, ensuring that your warehouse labels and signs are functional quickly and accurately.

Retro-reflective labels are scannable as far away as 50 feet. This increases productivity by using a polyester-based material blended with microscopic glass beads for reflectiveness. Retro-reflective labels are human-readable, using text and characters combined with popular scanning symbology, graphics, and logos.

Color coding labels and signs can create a highly visible reference for where certain items are located in the warehouse. But when managing the printing color-coded labels and signs, it is essential to ensure that the printing equipment can quality check the barcodes to ensure there are no errors with scanning capability.

You should have a team that specializes in what you need and have all of the equipment on-hand to ensure your labels and signs are of top scannability quality. Proper barcode verification is essential to your daily operations. Hiring Specialists who can check the quality of every barcode on every label and sign before it is ever installed in your warehouse enhances your functionality.

Mistakes Can Be Costly

Making one mistake on labels and signs can become a costly error. From shipments being returned, fines from the customer, potential loss of customers, chargebacks, and the manpower that it takes to fill the first order and then the corrected order, an amazing amount of money can be lost. Other mistakes that can easily be made without the proper training and equipment include:

  • Improperly naming locations
  • Mislabeling bins and racks
  • Not ensuring scannability of labels and signs
  • Forgetting to quality check the scannability of every label and sign
  • Lack of safety when hanging signs from the ceiling
  • Cheaply made labels and signs affecting durability
  • Hiring temp workers (possibly the biggest mistake made)

Let Our In-House Specialists Do the Work for You

Considering that it can cost you more time and money than you had intended to spend with proper label and sign placement training and reprinting defective labels, why wouldn’t you want someone that specializes in the process to do it for you? Doing all that work yourself impacts your normal operational efficiency and comes at a high opportunity cost with your employees. With so many potentially costly pitfalls to look out for, hiring our Specialists can provide you peace of mind on time, accuracy, and cost. Contact us to talk about how we can minimize operational impact and opportunity costs by installing labels and signs in your warehouse.

Have any questions or want to discuss your upcoming project? Contact us.