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In today’s advancing era of technology and increased omnichannel shopping, manufacturing and warehouse industries cannot afford to lag behind. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities that use regular consumer grade tablets on their forklifts have to constantly replace their devices due to the rugged conditions of the environment and the abuse the devices are typically subjected to.

Vehicle-mounted computers also typically come with complicated mounting systems, slowing the process of changing out the computers. Average consumer grade tablets and computers are not suited for all possible conditions, such as deep freezer facilities. And most tablets and computers must be completely replaced if the touchscreen or a keyboard is damaged.

Honeywell’s Thor VM1A will maximize a company’s ROI while providing forklift operators greater productivity to locate and move products quickly and efficiently.

With modular components and a unique smart docking system, the Thor VM1A is the rugged computer for use with warehouses, manufacturing, and intermodal facilities.

What Makes the Thor VM1A Special?

Checking the freezer with a thermometer
Honeywell’s Thor VM1A is a merger of Honeywell’s VM1 and CV41 computers. It is a top-of-the-line vehicle-mounted computer with a ruggedized purpose built to take the punishment associated with day-to-day use. Using Android operating systems and features, and the Windows based HTML5 browser or industrial browser, your conversion is smooth.

Warehouses, manufacturers, and intermodal facilities are rough environments. The Thor VM1A is built specifically to match those demands with ease, from operating systems to easily replaceable parts and simple docking solutions.

With smart docking solutions, these computers can be easily removed without having to disconnect power or peripherals before removing it. Thor VM1A is even compatible with currently used VM1 and CV41 docking systems. And with the deep-freezer durability of the Thor VM1A, it can be used in all areas of a facility.

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Advantages of Using a Rugged Vehicle-Mounted Computer

The Thor VM1A has the ability to be charged wirelessly while in the vehicle dock. There are several perks that are included with the Thor VM1A, including Honeywell’s Mobility Edge hardware and software. Accessories can be obtained, and it is also backwards compatible with currently used VM1 and CV41 accessories.

The SmartTE (Terminal Emulator) with Honeywell maximizes productivity among all of the employees, from experienced workers to new and temporary workers. The Session Persistence eliminates lost time by keeping track of the information going into it and picking up where it left off once a connection is reestablished. These computers can even be rebooted and pick right back up where it left off.

Data collection and entry are a breeze with the physical, full 64-key QWERTY keyboard, number pad, and 10-function keys. The key functions are also programmable to address specific use cases. The keyboard supports ANSI 3270 & 5250, and the touchscreen has resistive and capacitive (PCAP) options. The touchscreen and keyboard are easily replaceable for on-the-go maintenance.

Best Suited for the Demanding Conditions of Warehouse, Manufacturing, and Intermodal Operations

E-commerce has driven the demand for warehouse growth to meet the demands of consumers. The rugged vehicle-mounted Thor VM1A is a top choice for warehouses, manufacturing, and intermodal to improve forklift productivity and efficiency.

Warehouses use it for picking small parts and cases, in shipping and receiving, and reverse logistics. With environmental temperatures ranging from -30C to +50C, it is an excellent option for cold storage warehouses.

Manufacturing facilities have reported using Honeywell’s Thor VM1A for general materials handling transaction processing and work order and material tracking. Intermodals use it for on-site container tracking and automotive yard vehicle movement.

Get the Vehicle Mounted Computer that Improves Productivity

It is more important than ever for manufacturers and warehouses to keep up with on-demand omnichannel shopping and e-commerce traffic to stay ahead of the competition. Eliminate down-time from computer failure with field-replaceable touchscreens and keyboards. The Smart Dock system provides easy removal and installation from one vehicle to another.

The rugged, vehicle-mounted Thor VM1A computers provide increased productivity for forklift and cherry picker operators. Inventory costs can be reduced by no longer having spare parts taking up space.

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From hardware to software to support, Honeywell’s Thor VM1A has everything to allow existing customer to deploy the devices without having to make additional hardware investments, including being backwards compatible with VM1 and CV41 accessories.

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