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Solutions Provider Expands Portfolio with Products from Microscan and Cognex

Aurora, IL (June 19, 2017) — Imprint Enterprises has expanded its product portfolio to include a larger selection of barcode verifiers and vision systems. With stricter regulatory requirements and industry focus on the quality and accuracy of barcode labeling and production processes, Imprint Enterprises now offers solutions from Microscan and Cognex to help its customers meet these demands.

LVS barcode verifiers from Microscan and WebScan barcode verifiers from Cognex measure the quality of a 1D and 2D barcodes and DPM codes against a regulatory or industry standard. With the choice of either handheld or fixed barcode verifier solutions from Imprint Enterprises, businesses have the flexibility to deploy inline or manual scanning systems.  The solutions are fully integrated and are designed for application standards including GS1, HIBC, USPS, and ISO/IEC 12415/15416, as well as FDA UDI compliance for medical device manufacturers and labelers.

Vision systems offered through Imprint Enterprises include solutions from Microscan and Cognex that enable businesses to meet quality standards in their production facilities as well as to enhance security. These total solutions, which include smart cameras, lighting, I/O and connectivity options and advanced software tools, provide automated inspection that can help businesses operate at higher speeds with less waste and at lower costs.

For more information on barcode verifiers or vision systems or for information on how to buy, contact Imprint Enterprises at (855) 745-4464 or visit

About Imprint Enterprises

Imprint Enterprises has been in business since 1975 and is focused on providing customers the highest quality products with the most comprehensive service. Whether you’re looking to purchase new barcode equipment and supplies, or need best-in-class installation and service for your barcode products, we have a solution for you. We specialize in nationwide barcode printer service, site surveys and end-to-end barcode solutions.

About Cognex

Cognex Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, and markets a range of products that incorporate sophisticated machine vision technology that gives them the ability to “see.” Cognex products include barcode readers, machine vision sensors, and machine vision systems that are used in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers around the world to guide, gauge, inspect, identify, and assure the quality of items during the manufacturing and distribution process. Cognex is the world’s leader in the machine vision industry, having shipped more than 1 million vision-based products, representing over $4 billion in cumulative revenue, since the company’s founding in 1981. Headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, USA, Cognex has regional offices and distributors located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

About Microscan

Microscan is a global leader in barcode reading, machine vision, and verification technology serving a wide range of automation and OEM applications. Founded in 1982, Microscan has a strong history of technology innovation that includes the invention of the first laser diode barcode scanner and the Data Matrix symbology. Today, Microscan remains a leader in automatic identification and inspection with extensive solutions ranging from barcode reading, tracking, and traceability to complex machine vision measurement, guidance, barcode verification, and print quality grading.

Microscan, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company recognized for quality leadership in the U.S., is known and trusted by customers worldwide as a provider of high-quality, high-precision products. Microscan is a part of Spectris plc, the productivity-enhancing instrumentation and controls company.