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Customers can conserve capital, protect against obsolete technology, and more by leasing barcode equipment

Aurora, IL – March 9, 2017 – Imprint Enterprises, Illinois’ leading provider of barcode, RFID, and labeling solutions, is launching a new fair market value (FMV) leasing program that allows customers to lease barcode equipment instead of purchasing it outright. The intention of this program is to offer greater flexibility for customers that might need to conserve capital or are focused on always having the most cutting edge technologies.

Imprint Enterprises understands that companies rely on barcode, RFID, and labeling equipment to optimize productivity and profitability. The most obvious advantage of purchasing equipment is ownership, especially with products that can be used for many years and won’t be usurped by newer and better options. However, there are potential risks that accompany a large capital outlay for assets that have a high rate of obsolescence.

The FMV program offers customers the option to lease equipment – industrial printers, barcode scanners, mobile computers, and more – for only 87% of the actual price of the product. The lease breaks down payment by quarter over the course of three years, resulting in 12 total payments.

Imprint Enterprises will still provide full support and services to customers taking advantage of the FMV leasing program. In addition to conserving capital and having protection against obsolete barcode equipment, no down payment is required and this program also helps customers preserve bank lines.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and fair market value leasing is proving to be very beneficial for our customers,” says Mike Hess, Sales Director at Imprint Enterprises. “This is a competitive industry, and we want to make sure those who work with us are able to thrive using our solutions.”

To take advantage of this program, contact Imprint Enterprises and a representative will guide you through the process. You can also reach Imprint Enterprises at (855) 745-4464 or at

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Imprint Enterprises has been in business since 1975 and is focused on providing customers the highest quality products with the most comprehensive service. Whether you’re looking to purchase new barcode equipment and supplies, or need best-in-class installation and service for your barcode products, we have a solution for you. We specialize in nationwide barcode printer service, site surveys and end-to-end barcode solutions.

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