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You worked hard to get your ready to cook and eat meal company to the level it’s at, obtaining contracts at stores and increasing the quantity of private subscribers. Your company takes great care in packaging the products so they can stay frozen from your warehouse to the recipient. Now it seems you are constantly replacing damaged and thawed products, managing angry customer calls while paying for restocking and new shipments. You know your products are good when they leave your facility.

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How often have your products gotten to the end user only to turn out to have been negatively impacted by fluctuations during shipping or storage? Products that are damaged or destroyed by temperature and humidity fluctuations can result in costly chargebacks and fines. How do you control that unnecessary cost and waste of products?

Zebra Technologies has the options you need to monitor for temperature and humidity changes, increasing your profitability. From electronic temperature sensors to preprinted sensor labels, Zebra knows how important every aspect of your business is to your success. Therefore, Zebra is always working to advance their own product offerings and broaden market capabilities.

What started primarily to help pharmaceutical companies, electronic temperature sensors record cold storage temperatures throughout a products journey. The electronic sensor from Zebra is compatible with IT networks and uses Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi, or ethernet to upload the information. Another option are the rolls of preprinted labels that must be stored at the required temperatures to prevent wasting an entire roll.

Moving into the future and merging Zebra’s innovation with Temptime® technology, more companies can optimize operational efficiency while reducing the risk of product damage with more label and sensor options. Zebra Technologies is bringing more options for your company to monitor temperature and humidity throughout your products journey.

From thermal transfer labels for on-demand printing with built-in temperature or humidity sensors, to high-heat visual representation for autoclaves and sterilization processes, to thermal sensor labels for reducing the risk of damaged products with monitoring during shipping, Zebra Technologies will have the solution you need coming soon.

Visual Sensor Labels for Immediate Action

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The ability to clearly identify environmental exposure is critical to the quality of your product and ultimately, your business success. Providing visibility with printable indicators on thermal print-on-demand labels is a solution for employees to be able to take immediate action, from your warehouse, through shipping, and on to the destination.

High-heat processes equal to or greater than 140°F (60°C) can be instantly validated with permanent high temperature indicator labels. One example would be printing your barcode label information next to a sensor that changes color to visually indicate if a product has not been properly processed. There are also other options of sensors with different profiles.

Hot and cold storage indicator labels deliver insight to if a product was not maintained within critical environmental parameters, removing subjectivity. The hot temperature indicator thermal label is for equal to or greater than 140°F (60°C), while the cold temperature indicator thermal label is for equal to or less than 39°F (4°C).

If exposure to humidity is your concern, there’s an environmental indicator thermal label. When the humidity is equal to or greater than 90% RH, the indicator will display examine item. These environmental indicators increase supply chain visibility to reduce product damage and improve customer experiences

Printable, Custom-Built, or Ready-to-Use

Barcode labels used to only be able to tell you what a product is. Zebra’s environmental sensors can also visually indicate when environmental parameters were not maintained, providing real-time insights for front-line employees. Transfer thermal labels can be printed on-demand, as you need them. Labels can even be custom-built to your branding specifications with specific directions for your industry needs.

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Ready-to-use indicators are stickers that provide a visual tool to measure if an item went below a certain temperature threshold. They are applied next to a barcode label (or wherever you deem necessary) and are used throughout the product journey when cost, complexity, or sustainability prevent the use of an electronic solution.

Specialty food and food manufacturing companies find ready-to-use indicators beneficial for the afore mentioned reasons. A simple visual, such as the FREEZEmarker® or Fresh-Check® indicator, can easily let frontline employees and customers know that the products they are receiving are in good condition.

The Easy to Integrate, All-in-One Solution

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Eliminate the need to hand write on labels. Printable indicators are easy to add to existing workflows, enabling greater insight into product details without adding extra steps to processes. Labeling becomes easier without having to maintain separate inventories of thermal labels and environmental indicator supplies.

Printable indicators provide visibility into the exposure a product has experienced, combined with the accuracy and traceability of printing on demand. This single solution allows you to print variable text and barcodes on demand next to a color changing sensor for greater accuracy and traceability.

Reduce waste, minimize guessing

Avoid hard-to-read handwriting and maintain more accurate records with indicators that provide clear, easy to see visual indicators for frontline employees to take immediate action. The printable indicators reduce waste by eliminating the assumption that products have been kept within environmental parameters.

With real-time indications, frontline employees can take action immediately and maintain more accurate records. Gain traceability and better insight into supply chain and operations with the level of insight provided by printable indicators.

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Increase Your Profitability

Improve accuracy and increase customer satisfaction with environmental sensors and labels. Quality control becomes a streamlined process with real-time visual indication. Environmental exposures can be detected at packaging, shipping, and recipient levels. With frontline workers being able to take immediate action, fines and chargebacks can be reduced.

Imprint Enterprises can Help Optimizing Efficiency with Zebra’s Environmental Sensors and Labels

Stop relying on protective or qualified packaging that can still leave your customers wondering. Integrating environmental data into your automated processes can improve label accuracy by eliminating hard-to-read labels and second-guessing. If shipments are delayed, concerns about environmental exposure can be minimized.

Data can be verified visually or digitally, depending upon your company’s cost, complexity, or sustainability requirements. There is a solution for everyone with Zebra’s good, better, and best options.

Thermal transfer label ribbons add a print-in-demand option, removing the requirement to store preprinted labels at required temperatures to avoid wasting entire rolls. Thermal sensor labels reduce the risk of damaged products by monitoring the temperature and/or humidity status throughout the journey of your products.

Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss Zebra’s environmental label solutions that are best for you.