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Electronic Temperature Sensors from Zebra

An Easier Way to Monitor Cold Storage Environments

Temperature monitoring in the cold side of the supply chain has been simplified, with electronic temperature sensors from Zebra. These easy-to-use sensors are compatible with your IT network and meet monitoring standards, with Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi, or ethernet capabilities.

Zebra’s temperature sensors, available through Imprint Enterprises, offer businesses more options for tracking their cold-weather storage, and the flexibility to know immediately when there might be trouble with your company freezers. Immediate data and email alerts allow you the ability to make critical decisions immediately.

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The Zebra Temperature Sensor Difference

Find out for yourself what makes Zebra temperature sensors the best choice for cold storage monitoring. 

  • Fast and Easy Access to Your Data – Maintain the ability to read through packages, containers, or vehicles for efficient usage in any environment. 
  • Automated Temperature Data Downloads – Generate automated temperature reports to your mobile devices for easy access on the go. You’ll have more flexibility for accessibility and analysis to make more informed decisions. 
  • Customizable Alerts – Determine the best settings, start times, intervals, temperature requirements, and establish real-time email alerts suited to your unique environment. 

These dependable Zebra units work in a wide range of temperature environments with both reusable and disposable model options. You’ll have access to real-time email alerts that keep you aware of any changes. 

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A Complete Cold Storage Monitoring System

Zebra cold temperature monitors come with a complete system designed for rugged cold temperature monitoring and easy access to critical data. The system is easy to use and is ideal for setting up custom controls, such as regular reports and email alerts. 

  • The S-400 Single or Multi-Use Sensor – The S-400 comes with a non-replaceable battery designed to last up to 12 months. You’ll have the ability to configure these sensors to your unique usage environment to get the most out of regular readings.
  • The M-300 or M-300-P Reusable Wireless Sensors – These sensors are built with a replaceable battery, and ideal for durable, long-term use. 
  • OCEABridge Bluetooth Gateway – The gateway device automatically uploads data from connected sensors within range. It connects into a customer’s network via ethernet or Wi-Fi. It can be monitored in vehicles or warehouses for stationary use. Also available in a a cellular model as well that can do period reads on route.
  • EDGEVue Software – The EDGEVue mobile and web applications make monitoring critical cold storage data simple. Real-time and historical data can be presented in charts or graphs for your viewing preference. 
  • EDGECloud Software – A connection is created with either Bluetooth or Ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivity. Data can easily be compiled from different warehouse locations in real-time, using a smartphone or tablet. Data up to 10 years old can be securely stored within the system. 
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Monitor Your Cold Storage with Ease

The ability to continuously monitor your cold storage environment is a must in protecting your inventory. The Zebra cold storage monitors, available through Imprint Enterprises, simplify this process and give you access to critical data at the tap of a button. If you’re looking to enhance your cold storage capabilities, contact us today! 

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