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Ensuring your products are the same top-quality from your facility to the end user is ever important in today’s on-demand and e-commerce shopping economy. Many companies have more inventory than they need and can fluctuate between just-in-time to just-in-case management. This means your environmentally sensitive products must maintain strict standards through shipment to the end-user.

Warehouse worker in cold storage

Products that are damaged or destroyed by temperature and humidity fluctuations can result in costly chargebacks and fines and damage your company’s reputation. With the latest Zebra Technologies merger, there are more options than before to help you better track or monitor the quality of your products.

Moving into the future and merging Zebra’s innovation with TempTime® technology, companies can optimize operational efficiency while reducing the risk of product damage with more temperature and humidity monitoring options than before. Available only through Zebra Technologies, these labels, cards, and sensors can give you the edge your company needs to stay ahead of your competitors.

Temperature & Humidity Cards & Labels

transtracker in a shipping box

Whether you want an easy to apply and ready-to-use indicator or want to print an indicator on your barcode label for an all-in-one purpose, Zebra Technologies has options. Ready-to-use and printable indicators are designed for a wide range of environmental excursions using color indicators.

Thermal transfer labels for on-demand printing have built-in temperature or humidity sensors. There is also an option for high-heat visual representation for autoclaves and sterilization processes. Thermal sensor labels can reduce the risk of damaged products with visual monitoring during shipping.

Electronic Environmental Sensors

Originally intended to help pharmaceutical companies, electronic temperature sensors record cold storage temperatures throughout a products journey. The electronic sensor from Zebra is compatible with IT networks and uses Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi, or ethernet to upload the information.

With the footprint of a hockey puck, electronic sensors provide real-time information from start to finish using mobile GPD devices. Tracking temperature exposure is easy, and the devices will send notification alarms when deviated. If a shipment is bad upon receipt to the customer, the information can pinpoint when it happened.

A Fit for Several Industries

While the environmental sensors, labels, and cards can come ready-to-use, they can also be customizable for your specific industry standards. The following industries can see the most benefit from monitoring environmental exposures:

  • Cannabis Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
      • Manufacturing & Distribution
      • Direct-to-Patient monitoring
  • Food & Beverage Industry
      • Specialty Foods
      • Chilled Beverages
      • Dairy
      • Food Manufacturing

    Imprint Enterprises is the Trusted Partner to Get You Started

    Zebra Technologies is an award-winning pioneer in leading edge technologies to help enable businesses intelligently connect assets, data, and people. Ensuring you have options to monitor the environmental stability of your products using labels, cards, and sensors is what makes Zebra Technologies the best in the industry.

    Imprint Enterprises is a Premiere Solution Partner with Zebra Technologies. Their Specialists can help you find the options to suit your needs and prepare you for your future needs, while maintaining industry standards and ultimately increasing accountability and profits.

    Stop relying on protective or qualified packaging that can still leave your customers wondering. If shipments are delayed, concerns about environmental exposure can be minimized with environmental labels, cards, or electronic sensors. Data can be verified visually and/or digitally, depending upon your company’s budget, complexity, and sustainability requirements.

    Gain traceability and better insight into supply chain operations with the level of insight provided by Zebra Technologies temperature and environmental sensors, labels, and cards. From cannabis, to pharmaceutical, to food and beverage manufacturing, gain some peace of mind on the condition of your products through shipping.

    Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss Zebra’s environmental label, card, and sensor solutions that are best for you.