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Honeywell has been a technological innovator in the US and global markets for more than 100 years. Their products are used to streamline operations and boost their clients’ ROI. Imprint Enterprises is proud to be a distributor of Honeywell products. They are a global leader in a variety of industries, and their products improve efficiency, security, and productivity.

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A Platinum Partnership

Imprint Enterprises is a certified Platinum Performance Partner, the highest tier of partnership with Honeywell. That means we have achieved the highest level of demonstrated expertise in solutions such as remote device management, software development, and advanced customer support services. We share Honeywell’s deep commitment to understanding customer needs and providing smart, high-quality products.

Honeywell Products that Improve Your Business

Imprint Enterprises offers our clients Honeywell’s best scanning and mobile computing products. Below are some of our recent additions to the Honeywell line of products: 

  • The PX940 Barcode Verifier – The PX940 Barcode Verifier is a high-performance industrial printing solution that improves printing barcode quality, offering an ideal solution for industries required to meet regulatory standards. It’s also an ideal solution for companies that face lost revenues due to unreadable, low-grade barcodes. The quick set up, simple usage, and high-grade barcodes make this an ideal industrial printing solution.

  • Granit Series Barcode Scanners – The Granit series of industrial barcode scanners are built for high-volume performance in the most challenging environments. There are wired or wireless models for reading 1D and 2D barcodes at close and long range. Their rugged IP65-rated housing keeps out moisture and dust and can withstand 5,000 drops to concrete from 1m/3.28 feet even in extreme temperatures. Granit scanners offer features that make them easy to use, such as bright LEDs and omnidirectional reading capability, and they are fully compatible with Honeywell vehicle-mounted computers.

  • Xenon 1900 Series Barcode Scanners – Xenon 1900 series scanners are an ideal solution for packaging and shipping operations. They offer imaging technology well-suited for scanning-intensive operations. They are a reliable data collection tool designed for maximum efficiency and workflow.

  • Dolphin Handheld Computers: The Dolphin series of handheld computers offer a rugged and durable option to improve productivity in your facility in a cost effective manner. These compact and ergonomically designed devices offer features such as real-time wireless communication, powerful microprocessors, and optimized voice technology. There are Dolphin models suited for light industrial, retail, warehouse, healthcare, and transportation and logistics environments.

  • Vehicle-Mount Terminals: Warehouses and distribution centers can rely on the Thor series of vehicle-mounted computers to get their jobs done. Thor devices offer multiple mounting options and a range of display sizes. Available features include cold storage capability, field-replaceable components, Smart Dock mounting, and ignition control to eliminate dead vehicle batteries. These features are designed to reduce downtime and maximize efficiency.

The Honeywell Advantage

Honeywell is an industry leader in industrial printing and barcode technology. With a rich history and a deep line of product technology, Imprint Enterprises is proud to be a Honeywell distributor. If you’re wondering how Honeywell products can improve your printing and packaging processes, contact us today!

Device Management

Imprint Enterprises offers industry-leading mobile device management software that keeps customers secure and optimizes the productivity of employees and their equipment.


In order to ensure that your handheld computers are working at peak efficiency, utilize our robust collection of services, like staging and deployment or equipment repair.


In addition to offering the industry's top technologies, Imprint Enterprises also provides the supplies and accessories customers need to succeed.

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