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How often do your mobile devices go missing and/or become damaged? How often are you having to manually initiate a software update? How many mobile devices end up not getting recharged because there are no more charging ports? How long is it taking to get the devices checked in and out every shift rotation?

Now you can save time and money with Zebra Intelligent Cabinets, which security store mobile devices. The Intelligent Cabinet system can include the Access Management System to track every mobile device, increasing security measures. Every mobile device is charged when it’s put back into its port and software can be automatically updated on a regular basis.

Your company can keep better track of who gets a device by using a secure access PIN for every authorized person. This also reduces the human error rate for check in/out procedures while improving workflow productivity.

The Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are an excellent option for Warehouses, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics organizations. With so many mobile devices supported by the Intelligent Cabinets, you can easily organize your device management system to suit your needs.

Your company can keep better track of who gets a device by using a secure access PIN for every authorized person.

Save Money in the Long-Run

When mobile devices are not secured, they can easily “walk off” or get damaged without knowing. How much money are you spending by replacing all of those missing devices? How often are mobile devices damaged and not reported, delaying access to devices for essential work?

Save money with Zebra Intelligent Cabinets by securely storing mobile devices in the locked cabinets. Assigning individual PIN access provides greater accountability and trackability. The system can also identify when a device is damaged, requiring that the device be returned.

Access Management System

The Intelligent Cabinets can have the Access Management System installed, to track devices and increase security measures. This will automate the process of checking in/out devices, minimizing the time spent manually tracking, logging, and monitoring device health.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are designed with Ethernet, WiFi, and/or 4G connectivity. This connectivity can extend the performance of the mobile devices as each device is monitored.

Healthy Mobile Devices

With the connectivity, devices are charged when they are placed back into their ports. The battery health is monitored, even when checked out of the Intelligent Cabinet, notifying the user if it needs to be recharged. Device software is monitored and updated on a regular basis, minimizing the need to manually check and install software updates. Every device is maintained to be ready for optimal use for every shift, without interrupting your operational flow.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Secure individual PIN access minimizes the human error rate of manually tracking devices while improving productivity with easy check in/out procedures. The time to manually check a device in/out for every shift can be spent on actual work.

The time spent having to manually check every device for software updates can be spent doing productive work instead. Let your employees do what you hired them to do, instead of wasting time and energy on something the Intelligent Cabinets can do.

Perfect for Warehouse, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics

Create the right Intelligent Cabinet system to best suit your operational needs with standardized modular portfolios and custom portfolios. Intelligent Cabinets come in a variety of sizes from compact for 5 devices to extreme for up to 100 devices:

  • Compact (up to 5 devices)
  • Small (up to 30 devices)
  • Medium (up to 40 devices)
  • Large (up to 50 devices)
  • X-Large (up to 60 devices)
  • Extreme (up to 100 devices)
  • Base Stand (for ergonomics)

Racks can be single or double-sided, depending upon how many devices you plan to store (floor mount, secure to wall, mobile):

  • Single-sided holds up to 30 devices
  • Double-sided holds up to 60 devices

Cradle locks have mechanical locking for TC5X/TC7C charging cradles (wall mount, desk mount, secure to wall, mobile). Carts, which are primarily used in Warehouses and Distribution Centers, can be tailored to suit your unique environmental conditions for single device uses.

Supports a Variety of Zebra Mobile Devices

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are designed for a wide range of Zebra mobile devices, from handheld mobile computers and tablets, to mobile printers and scanners. Cradles and cradle locks are available to install into the Intelligent Racks & Cabinets.

Fully Designable for Your Needs

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are ideal for Warehouses, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics. Each of these industries will use mobile devices in several areas to support work efficiency. In most cases, organizations will have multiple mobile devices to keep track of.

  • Warehouse/Manufacturing
    • Storage/stocking areas
    • Reverse logistics
    • Picking/packing
    • Inventory management
  • Retail
    • E-commerce
    • Distribution centers
    • Back of store
  • Transportation & Logistics
    • Postal/Courier
    • Device fleet management

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are designed for a wide range of Zebra mobile devices

A Quick ROI

Save money and see a quick return on your investment with fewer mobile device replacements and repairs. The individual PIN access capability will enhance security measures and increase accountability. Extend the life of mobile devices with proper charging and regular software updating. Increase workflow and operational effectiveness.

These Intelligent Cabinets are an excellent option for Warehouse, Retail, and Transportation & Logistic industries. The Intelligent Cabinets supports multiple Zebra mobile devices and are fully customizable to suit your specific needs. On top of all that, Zebra offers additional services for continual technical support.

Contact us today so our friendly team can talk with you to help you determine how much Zebra Intelligent Cabinets can save your company.