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Mobile Power Carts

Increase your overall employee and facility productivity by converting a stationary workplace to mobile with mobile power carts without major changes to your software, infrastructure, or processes.

Empower your employees to access valuable data from anywhere in the facility using mobile power carts. With our line of mobile power carts, you’ll be able to switch out depleted power sources for one fully charged, reducing downtime. Imprint can customize mobile power carts to suit your specific needs with our growing line of modular accessories.

Power Carts: Imprint Enterprises
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EcoCart Series Mobile Power Carts

The NEW entry-level EcoCart from Newcastle Systems is designed to provide increased mobility within a facility, eliminating unnecessary movement and other time wasting actions. Benefits include:

  • Reduce labor by up to $10k per employee
  • Increase receipts by as much as 60%
  • Reduce improperly labeled products and inaccurate inventories
  • Process goods at the pallet or on the dock
  • Attached garbage can

Typical Applications:

  • Warehouse/Distribution Center
  • Retail

EcoCart Series Brochure

EcoCart Mobile Power Cart: Imprint Enterprises

Mid-Range NB Series Mobile Power Carts

The NB Series Mobile Powered Workstation was developed to provide true mobility anywhere in a facility. Features include:

  • Rechargeable power with ability to run 4 devices at once for 8-12+ hours of normal use
  • Adjust shelves in seconds on the slotted upright system
  • Compatible with the Power Swap System, for hours of extra power with minimal downtime
  • Easily integrated with a number of optional accessories

Typical Applications:

  • Education
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing

NB Series Workstation Brochure

Heavy-Duty PC Series Mobile Power Carts

The PC Series mobile power carts has been designed to hold and power a variety of equipment, yet also provide generous space to hold inventory. Features include:

  • Rechargeable power with ability to run several devices at once (including laser printer) for 8-12+ hours of normal use
  • Heavy duty model with weight capacity of 500 lbs and plenty of shelf space for inventory etc
  • Also available with 48″ shelves
  • Easily integrated with a number of optional accessories

Typical Applications:

  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing

PC Series Workstation Brochure

Mobile Power Carts: Imprint Enterprises

Mobile Power Carts

Our mobile power carts let you take a power supply exactly where it’s needed—whether you’re powering your mobile workstation, printers, computers, POS systems, scales or testers. With the ability to swap out the depleted power source for a fully charged one, you’ll face less downtime, reduce the costs of bulky cords and batteries, and keep operations moving through multiple work shifts. We offer three solutions, the Power Swap System (for the NB Series Mobile Workstation), the Power Pack Series, and Portable Power Systems.

Features Include:

  • Easily swap power source for fully charged one
  • Low voltage alert
  • Seamless, quiet AC power anywhere
  • Fully ventilated steel cabinet

Typical Applications:

  • Outdoor Mobile Concessions
  • Non-Powered Equipment carts
  • Remote Display Areas
  • Areas without power access
    • Loading docks
    • Remote storage areas
    • Far corners of the warehouse
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