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Barcodes improve efficiency and are vital to supply chains, inventory management, transportation, asset management, and more. Barcodes provide a means of knowing what a product is, where it originated, and where it goes. That is why when a barcode is unreadable for any reason, it decreases your efficiency, can cause chargebacks and lost shipments, and creates legal exposures that could have been avoided.

From labels, barcodes, RFID tags, and more, BarTender® 2022 has an integrated system that allows you, and anyone you want, to review and approve workflows from any web browser, on any device. Anytime, anywhere. All without risking the security of your systems.

Pharmacist scanning price on a red medicine box with barcode reader in pharmacy store

BarTender® 2022 can create and print more commercial-quality label designs with increased quality assurance measures through Administration controls. These measures can accelerate label design and production. 

With ecommerce only expected to rise to about $5.4 trillion in 2026, why wouldn’t you want a trusted barcode labeling software system?

Improved Label Designs

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Create simple and straightforward label designs with a WYSIWYG editor without having to mess with complicated coding or X/Y coordinate adjustments. By using templates, you can save on the time it takes to manually enter all the information and replace thousands of printer code files with just one file.

BarTender® 2022 still has the wide range of data sources to add more content to your template objects and images, including the Color Picker. A database connection configuration file can also be used to apply a custom configuration to a new or existing database connection.

BarTender® Cloud increases label accuracy and catches errors before they happen. The streamlined label design process reduces the need for complex IT processes by using the label template library or uploading your own labels.

Printing Options

Printing can be done from any operating system, device, or browser to any network connected printer, whether hard wired or via an in-house internet connection. There is no need to install BarTender® on every device (or be trained on using the software itself) just to print released labels.

Printing with BarTender® Cloud uses Intelligent Printing to automatically discover connected printers, without requiring printer driver management. Printing can even be done at the source of where the work is being performed.

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This secure central barcode label manageability system also has a licensing server redundancy solution that provides automatic failover to maintain a seamless print production even when one of the servers goes down.

BarTender® 2022 can be easily integrated into any current labeling system or upgraded from any previous version of BarTender®, and BarTender® Cloud requires updating to BarTender® 2022. A smooth integration improves productivity and minimizes downtime.

Meeting Compliance Minimizes Chargebacks and Fines

Scanning a label in the healthcare industry

You and your customers may have specific barcode label standards that must be adhered to for multiple reasons. From manufacturing, through supply chains, to business and/or consumer, BarTender® 2022 barcode labeling software can meet virtually any compliance labeling requirement:

      • Medical devices meet UDI compliance labeling
      • Pharmaceutical and Healthcare meet global serialization regulations
      • Automotive meets AIAG requirements for traceability
      • ANSI and ISO requirements are met for grading

Whether it is a simple traceability requirement or a complex regulatory compliance code, this labeling software has flexible serialization to create the unique serial identifiers your organization needs to keep track of everything. And the information is saved directly into a BarTender® document, BarTender® Global Data Field, or into your own SQL-based database.

Unique Device Identifier (UDI)

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires using a unique device identifier (UDI) on barcode labels in food, beverage, and medical fields. These labels must be readable by man and machine (scanners). If the labels are not done to specific standards, your company is liable for more than just fines and chargebacks. Private label distributors are susceptible to the possibility of a legal exposure.

 All labels must be readable in plain text, as well as machine readable with scanning using AIDC (automatic identification and data capture) technology. With barcode labels having to comply with ISO/IEC 15415 or ISO/IEC 15416, it is important to get a barcode labeling software system that can meet these requirements from the start.


Global Serialization for Pharmaceuticals 

The United States, European Union, China, and Brazil have specific serialization requirements, with more countries joining to include this requirement. Examples of the requirements include DSCSA, FMD, and 21 CFT Part 11. BarTender® supports pharmaceutical companies with built-in compliance standards.

The easy to learn platform can add accurate data with a simple drag and drop method. The standards are built into BarTender®, including GS1’s linear and Data Matrix pharma barcodes and traditional linear, two-track, 2D and color Pharmacodes.

Close-up view on red laser is scanning label with barcode on product. 3D rendered illustration.

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)

The AIAG created standard industries to improve efficiency and accuracy. A single alphanumeric symbology, called Code 39, was established in 1984. This symbology included information like part numbers, purchase order numbers, quantity, and other data identifiers.

Proper barcode labeling tracks automotive parts from manufacturing, through distribution, to the end user. This can impact automotive safety and tracking for accountability during recalls. One wrong digit misprint can have a huge financial impact on everyone involved in the chain. 


BarTender® eases that by having the compliance requirements built into the software.

Letter and Numerical Graded Barcodes 

ANSI and ISO are barcode label grading systems based on a letter or a numerical score. These standards play a key role in identifying, tracking, and tracing products as they move through supply chains across the world. With more than 6 million barcode labels being scanned every day, why not have a software system that has this compliance requirement already build into the system? 

Scanning a label in the healthcare industry

BarTender® 2022 is a Globally Trusted Barcode Software

Why wouldn’t you want to increase productivity and speed efficiency by doing more in less time? The enhanced regulatory and compliance labeling programing can help reduce fees while also minimizing legal exposure.

BarTender® 2022 can meet any organization’s needs with multiple edition options to choose from: Cloud, Professional, Automation, or Enterprise. Get the label generating software that will enable you to create any type of label on-demand, across any location. And with the new BarTender® Cloud edition, creating and printing barcode labels is fast, secure, and efficient without being tied to a software or hardware system.

Contact Imprint today to get you on your way to a more effective and efficient labeling software system.