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Picture this.

You take pride in the products you sell. It’s your name on the line. The manufacturing, purchasing, storage, order intake, packing, shipping, and customer service may all be on you. It’s critical that every order is filled, and every customer receives exactly what they’re looking for.

If that customer opens the package, and the product is cracked, damaged, or broken, it’s your company’s name that is on the line.

Workers taking product off shelf in warehouse
The packaging decisions that you make may feel secondary to the decisions that go into the product itself. But you need a system that you can rely on to ensure that your business is protected in every transaction.

That’s where the Fromm Airpad packaging machines can protect your business as you ship product to retailers or customers.

Take Comfort in Your Shipping Process

Fromm AP100
No business wants to deal with products that are broken or damaged before they reach their end destination. It can cause strain on your customer service department while jeopardizing your brand and reputation.

The Fromm Airpad packing machines can help.

Fromm AP 100 Air Pillow Model

The great news about the Fromm AP 100 Air Pillow model is that it can protect your business from situations like the one mentioned above, and it is also easy to use in a decentralized format. This model is ideal when you need the void fill in a box. It comes free from Imprint Enterprises. The only customer expense is the plastics that run through the machine.

It comes in a standard, compact size, making it a versatile option no matter the size of your packaging operation. It’s user-friendly control options and easy-to-load compartment for plastics make it a solid choice for your shipping needs. It’s also a durable choice that is ideal for rugged workplace environments.

Zebra rugged tablet touchscreen
Below are a few more benefits of the Fromm AP 100 Air Pillow model:

    • Accepts a wide selection of pillow patterns, film types and film thicknesses, so that you can use the packaging materials that make the most sense for your business.
    • A silent hopper operation makes for a smoother, friendlier packaging experience for your employees.
    • An available footswitch makes for easier operation.
    • Automatic replenishment means less reloading time.
    • The front and side photocells enable automatic use, simplifying the process for employees.
    • Efficient and friendly technical support will keep your operation up and running.

The Fromm AP 100 Air Pillow model is a versatile machine, ideal for all different types of packaging environments. It can be installed free standing in an open environment, or standing against a wall.

Fromm AP 150 Bubble on Demand

Fromm AP150
The Fromm AP 150 Bubble on Demand model is another small packaging machine designed to help you protect the integrity of your business by ensuring that your packages can arrive to their destination safely. It’s ideal for when you need to wrap a fragile item, such as a bottle. This machine comes free from Imprint Enterprises. The only customer expense is the plastic materials needed to run through the machine.
This machine uses a built-in air supply making it capable of handling 59 feet of packaging per minute. A photographic eye built into the infrastructure of the machine makes for an easier start and stop. The AP 150 is a durable solution designed for the most rugged packaging environments.

    • A long-lasting and durable belt system means it will need to be replaced less frequently.
    • The belt system is also easily replaceable for when it does wear down.
    • The packaging system is easy to load, making prep time shorter.
    • There is a built in external blower.
    • The machine operates on a wide range of available packing films.
    • Reduced material handling means you can focus on getting the job done quickly and easily.

No More Excuses: Find Out More About Fromm Packaging Solutions

Fromm packaging machines
With the options of Fromm packaging machines, there’s no reason for your company to take packaging risks. Both machines work in a wide variety of environments and are capable of enhanced power. Imprint Enterprises proudly carries both Fromm models, as well as the replacement plastics for both.

By prioritizing the quality of your packaging, you are giving your customer service team a rest, and ensuring that your shipments arrive on time and undamaged.

If you would like to find out more about what it takes to improve your company’s packaging options, contact us today!