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The public relies on retail outlets and online shopping to meet increasing demand for consumer goods. Warehouses, fulfillment centers, and distribution centers are the backbone of the supply chain and must rise to meet this increased demand.

With online sellers scrambling to match Amazon’s fast delivery times, and more retailers working to keep customer-favorites in stock, products move faster through the supply chain than ever before.

This means that inventory needs to be tracked with a higher level of precision to maintain efficiency and accuracy, and that’s where License Plate Numbers (LPN labels) come into the picture. LPN labels are an important tool for the task.

Easy access to critical data through the use of LPN labels make them an ideal choice. Their durability also makes them well-suited for all types of warehouse environments.

What LPN Labels Do

LPN labels use scannable barcode sequences to track product through every stage of the supply chain. The labels can be used for large groups of products (think trucking shipments) down to each individual product to better track inventory. They can also be used to organize cartons, bins, and pallets.

An immense amount of data related to operational speed, accuracy of shipments, and the efficiency of your operation can be collected using LPN labels. Warehouses along the supply chain have access to higher-level data using LPNs, to make more informed decisions at every step.

The Industries that Benefit from LPN Use

Easy access to critical data through the use of LPN labels make them an ideal choice. Their durability also makes them well-suited for all types of warehouse environments.

LPN labels can easily access information regarding manufacturing dates, and expiration dates, to better track product freshness. Because of these reasons, they’ve gained a wide use in several industries, including:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Logistics
  • Medical supplies
  • Manufacturing

How to Know You Need LPNs

If it feels like your organization is struggling to keep up with the pace of product shipments, LPN labels can help you improve efficiency. LPNs can also help with simplify your practices for tracking products, by enhancing visibility.

LPNs save you money by improving efficiency and accuracy. In short, an LPN labeling system improves all logistics, and can be custom-suited to your warehouse, fulfillment center, or distribution center’s needs.

Use LPNs to Group Inventory

While LPNs allow for any type of inventory tracking, a key advantage they provide is in product grouping. Bins, cartons, pallets, or even entire shipments can be grouped together. When you use LPNs to create groups, it’s easier to track your inventory’s path through the warehouse.

LPN labels can be used to track key information with fewer scans. Key data can be easily accessed, including:

  • Quantity
  • Lot numbers
  • Date of manufacture
  • Expiration dates (good for food, beverage, pharmaceuticals)
  • Location
  • Products contained in grouping
  • Part numbers

Additional Benefits of LPN Usage

LPN labels make receiving, picking, and shipping easier. Order and product details can easily be retrieved. Below are some additional ways to maximize warehouse efficiency through LPN use:

  • Product grouping can minimize human error and reduce data entry requirements.
  • License plate numbers can help you identify fast-moving product to make sure it’s path through the warehouse is efficient, and that it remains in stock.
  • Reduced cost versus in-house labeling.
  • Bar codes remain clear and readable so that you’ll always have easy access to key information.
  • Ensure that food, beverage, or medical supplies have not passed their expiration dates.
  • LPN labels come in various shapes, colors, and sizes to enhance the ability to organize your product.

A Cold Temperature Labeling Solution

The need for cold temperature storage within the supply chain is on the rise, especially with home grocery deliveries. A durable label solution that holds up to these rugged conditions is necessary. LPN labels come in a variety of materials, and a professional label supplier can help you to determine which material will be best suited for your cold storage needs.

When labels are damaged, or become caked in frost, they are unreadable, and the product is no longer easily tracked. Quality LPN labels put an end to this problem. Pressure sensitive films and freezer-grade adhesives can help your labeling system withstand even the toughest storage demands.

Why Pre-Printed LPN Labels are Critical to Your Operation

Warehouses have the option between pre-printed LPN labels or in-house printing. Many businesses try to save money by investing in the necessary equipment and handling label printing and production in-house. This solution can be fraught with risk and hidden costs down the road.

Printer maintenance, label supplies, and equipment wear-and-tear make this a costly option. There is always the risk that an in-house system might print duplicate labels, which can create confusion within the system and result in lost revenues.

Pre-printed LPN labels from an experienced label supplier can help meet your long-term needs, while avoiding some of the issues above. The right label supplier will have the experience to help you create a custom system that meets all of your organizational and environmental demands. This may include branded labels of different color and size, for more efficiency within the system.

LPN label suppliers can also help you with fast reordering so that you don’t have to wait for the supply to be able to maintain your efficient system.

Use LPN Labels to Improve Warehouse Operations

If your warehouse is struggling to keep up with increasing customer demands, there are solutions out there to help you improve overall operations.

The public expects to see the product they need on the shelf or to have it quickly shipped. The supply chain needs to keep up. LPN labels can be used to keep product moving in an efficient manner while maintaining accuracy so that warehouses can more easily keep up with this increasing demand.

LPN labeling allows businesses to decide what information they want to prioritize and track. Individual product and entire shipments can be tracked and monitored with one simple scan. These rugged labels can be placed in all types of temperature applications. They can be used to bring organization to your labeling system.

If your business is ready to create a more efficient labeling system to monitor your product, contact Imprint Enterprises today!