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The warehouse of the future is already here. Are you outfitting your operations accordingly, or will you risk being left in the dust by more nimble competitors?

Fact is, today’s warehouses and logistic centers desperately need speed and efficiency to perform and compete at a competitive level.

So, what can negatively impact speed in the era of pick/pack/ship lightning turnarounds? Many factors can dramatically influence (and often degrade) the human and technological components of your operation.

warehouse of the future
Consider the warehouse or logistics workforce and their daily roles and responsibilities. The more workers lift heavy items to obtain accurate scans, the higher the safety concerns and repetitive injuries that may occur—nothing like workers being shelved due to injury to wreak havoc with operations and profitability.

Moreover, a worker doesn’t need an injury to become a drag on operations. Current scanning systems can often slow performance and negatively impact the workforce due to ongoing and nagging usage and ergonomic difficulties.

One outcome is abundantly clear when viewed through warehouse performance at all levels: the need for better, faster, accurate, safe scanning of warehouse inventory. That day has arrived …

Fast, Accurate, and Safe Wearable Scanning is Job One (As well as Jobs, Two, Three, and Four)

Checking the freezer with a thermometer
Yes, wearable scanners have become that critical to operational performance and productivity. According to MHI, 70% of warehouses will deploy wearable technology within 12-24 months.

Better technology is essential for efficient operation, order fulfillment, and inventory management.
Warehouse operations and logistic centers have three key problem areas when it comes to their current scanning needs:

Warehouse operations and logistic centers have three key problem areas when it comes to their current scanning needs:

  1. Difficulty scanning: current wearables are not up for the job; scanners often break, causing downtime and being out of service when they are needed most.
  2. Scanning distance: challenges often exist when reading racks, product labels, and pick tickets from the vantage point of fork trucks.
  3. Barcode reading issues: low quality, damaged barcode readings require extra time a warehouse worker simply doesn’t have (and a warehouse operation can’t afford.)

Fortunately, the solution is literally right at your fingertips …

The Honeywell 8675i Wearable Scanner is the Answer

Demanding workflows is where the Honeywell 8675i Wearable Scanner truly shines. Finally, a warehouse or logistic center workforce can uplevel their daily performance and be much more efficient and effective. With its enhanced scanning ability, this wearable scanner is rugged and ready to deliver performance in multi-shift, real-world environments.

Workers will appreciate the superior ergonomics and smaller footprint. Warehouse management will understand how that translates into productivity. After all, Honeywell is no stranger to wearable scanner technology. There’s a 15-year foundation of proven wearable tech at work here.

Advanced Technology Leads The Way. Again.

The Honeywell 8675i Wearable Scanner is outfitted with two significant technology advances. Here’s a quick overview of each:

FlexRange™ technology

In the past, handheld and some ring scanners did a decent job reading codes of near and mid-range items. But faraway inventory, especially those in stacked bins and shelves, was problematic.
Now, with FlexRange™ technology, items near and far can be scanned quickly and precisely. Smooth, fast reading from near to far (30 ft. in the air) is now not only possible but everyday doable. The 8675i enables wearable scanning in applications and environments that would have previously required a handheld device.

Adaptus™ technology:

In short, this equips the scanner to perform in demanding conditions. How demanding? Let us count the ways: harsh, cold environments. Explosive conditions. And more.

The Perfect Fit in More Ways Than One.

Naturally, the 8675i Wearable Scanner fits the needs of warehouse operations today and tomorrow. The fit also extends to the workforce, leading to faster and more thorough adoption across the enterprise.

The scanner has a flexible wearing configuration with a fast, toolless changeover from ring to glove. The strap glove secures 8675i on the back of the hand for optimal dexterity, ergonomics, and user comfort.
Its durable material/design yields a long lifespan and it consists of non-absorbent materials for easy cleaning.

Both left and right-hand versions are compatible with bar hand or conventional glove for comfort and user safety. The unit is available in one size and is highly adjustable at index finger and wrist so each worker can perform at their best.

Valuable Upgrades, Accessories, and a Connected Workforce Await

The Honeywell 8675i is available with a full line of wearable accessories. There are also plenty of options available with multi-battery chargers, Cables and Power Supplies. The intelligent batter is easy to remove and replace which improves ROI and extends the device lifespan.

And as you’d expect from Honeywell, you can monitor and manage deployed devices via our Operational Intelligence system. In addition, support is yet one more reason to trust Honeywell as a full spectrum of Service and Maintenance options are available and scalable to your needs.

The Honeywell 8675i Wearable Scanner = Warehouse Performance Boost

The boost is tangible and measurable on multiple levels: worker productivity, efficiency gains, less downtime, and more.

Imprint Enterprises is your source for proven scanning technologies from Honeywell, like the 8675i Wearable Scanner. Contact Imprint today to discuss your options, including how to migrate your current scanning technology. You can also email via or call (855) 745-4464 today.