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Is your company still using a handheld scanner that is bulky and requires your employees to put everything down to use it?  How many times have those hand scanners been put down and then lost?  Or the employees fight over who gets to use it next?  Changing times call for a change in equipment.  Like a scanner that is small and allows a person to use their hands while scanning products!  Now there’s an idea.

A single finger ring scanner can save you time and money by processing inventory faster!

Have you considered replacing those big, bulky hand scanners with something that is lightweight and easy to use?  I finger ring scanner is all that and more!  It is versatile and has a detachable trigger assembly.

You can maximize productivity and process shipments and deliveries quicker with the Bluetooth technology.  It has a rugged design for a long lifecycle.  And with its enhanced imaging capturing system, it is great for any industry.

Improved Technology for Changing Times

With the new demands for faster replacements of products, it is important to be able to keep up with the changing demands.  More customers are placing online orders and have the capability to see what store has the products that they’re looking for.  Keeping up with the demand requires a scanner that streamlines your inventory processes for accurate reflections of what you have in stock.

A ring scanner can also let employees keep both hands available, scanning as they go.  And since it is always on hand, there is no worry about having to set everything down to pick it up.  Or the very real problem of losing the scanners and employees fighting over what is available.

Each finger scanner has a detachable trigger assembly to help minimize the spreading of viruses and germs from one person to another.  Each employee can get have their own trigger.  And they are easy to clean and sanitize.

Lightweight and Easy to Use

Each single finger scanner is light, weighing in at a mere 2.47 ounces.  They are 2.67 inches long, 1.10 inches wide, and 0.83 inches in diameter.  The single-sided trigger can be used on a left or right hand, on the back of the hand, or even attached to a lanyard.  There’s also an option for a double trigger for greater flexibility.

Maximize Productivity and Processing

Now you can have inventory processed faster, maximizing productivity for the on-demand shopping requirements.  The LEDs on the back of the scanner can also indicate which direction to go for warehouse inventory models: right, left, straight.  The scanner has options to give employees notice of a successful scan by an audible beep, a blink of the LED light, or a vibration.

The durability of the little scanner is rugged to enhance the longevity of the product, keeping it safe from drops, bumps, and even a high-pressure hosing.  It can also handle high levels of electrostatic discharge, so no worries about the buildup from walking on concrete floors.

Smart Technology

Installed with Bluetooth technology, each device can travel up to 100 feet from the host device.  The host device can be anything from a vehicle mounted computer, a hip device, a laptop, or even a mainframe for smaller facilities.  It has the option of having LED scanning or laser scanning.  Even the batteries are fast and easy to change out, with the option to get a battery that is better suited for cold environments.

The two scan engine options provide you the ability to select the best one for your needs.  Both have the ability to capture scans the first time regardless of the quality of the label.  1D/2D images are easily captures with the PRZM Intelligent Imaging, with a wide view area for large barcodes.

Works in Every Industry

As demands increase, speed and efficiency must also increase in order to keep happy customers.  From medical, retail, and logistics, the single finger ring scanner is great for every industry.  They can even be used for multiple operations if your company delivers its own products.


Keep track of life saving inventory faster.  Restock the medical equipment and supplies faster with the ability to use both hands to scan as you go.  Minimize out-of-stock problems with accurate scanning and inventory processing.


Process online orders faster with a current inventory database from faster scanning processes.  Move inventory from the back of store to the front while keeping track of inventory needs.  Process incoming shipments faster and easier.  Keep up with tightening turn-around times.


Make faster deliveries with mobility scanning to meet the increased shipping volumes.  Designed for comfort and durability, these scanners make sure that you are delivering the right package to the right place with route assignments and customer data.  There is even an option to print receipts and invoices on the spot.

The Zebra RS5100 is the Single Finger Bluetooth Ring Scanner that will SAVE you money and time!

Improve your technology to meet the changing demands of increased product needs in a real-time setting.  These lightweight and easy to use single finger ring scanners are very durable with easy to change batteries.  Get rid of the bulky hand scanner that requires you to stop what you’re doing to use it.  And with so many options to choose from, you’ll have an amazing product that provides amazing results.  No matter what your industry is, the Zebra RS5100 single finger ring scanner will boost productivity and keep track of inventory.

Contact us today to talk about getting your company set up with the Zebra RS5100.