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Consumers are placing high levels of trust in farms, slaughterhouses, supermarkets, and all the stops along the supply chain. That trust is showcased every day through their purchasing decisions.

The truth is that more work can be done to improve food safety in these locations. There are over 48 million foodborne pathogens that make Americans sick every year. The annual healthcare cost for this is $55.5 billion. 

Improving food safety along the supply chain could help bring healthcare spending on foodborne illnesses under control.

Below are a few statistics that highlight the need to improve food safety and meet customer standards.
  • 70 percent of consumers say that the way food is manufactured, prepared, and handled is of high importance to them.
  • 69 percent of decision makers say that the industry is prepared to manage food traceability and transparency but only 35 percent of consumers agree.
  • 93 percent of decision makers are planning to make increases to their investment in food monitoring technology.
  • 41 percent of decision makers say that RFID tags improve food traceability more than any other technology, yet only 31 percent currently use them. Emerging technologies such as temperature-sensitive labels and blockchain could also likely have an impact on food safety within the supply chain.

Zebra technologies develop products that help companies keep food safe for consumers throughout all locations along the supply chain.

Food Safety Automation Through Touch Screens and Tablets

Checking the freezer with a thermometer

Improper handling of food can put both employees and customers at risk for potentially serious foodborne illness. Poor protocols can increase liability and undermine your company’s reputation and bottom line. Traditionally, paper logs are used to record temperature data to monitor food safety along the supply chain.

The supply chain is larger and busier than ever before. Safety is paramount and the delays associated with paper and pencil could be catastrophic for the entire supply chain. It could drastically slow recording down, and it doesn’t provide any type of continuous monitoring.
Technology such as touch screens and tablets can help to better bolster food safety.

Disney CHEFS and Zebra

Disney CHEFS is a mobile application developed by Disney that automates food safety expertise gained through operating their amusement parks. They are increasing third-party licensing for this program, opening it up for use in warehouses, grocery stores, and other stops along the supply chain. This application paired with Zebra hardware are prime examples of how to use technology to keep employees and consumers safe.

Download our Infographic to Closing the Trust Gap: Technology and the Food Supply Chain

Infographic to Closing the Trust Gap: Technology and the Food Supply Chain

Follow HACCP Procedures for Stricter Compliance

Hazards Analysis at Critical Control Points (HACCP) is a globally accepted process for assuring food safety. By following the procedures associated with this process, food products can remain safer along the supply chain. Below are some suggestions for following HACCP procedures. Below are a few more suggestions to maintain compliance.

Grocery bag with food

Technology Speeds Up The Temperature Monitoring Process

When businesses logging food safety issues on paper logs discover potential safety issues, it may come with potentially dangerous or costly delays. It’s not a system that lends itself to immediate action. Bluetooth sensors allow for speedy, continuous monitoring with a dependable data set.

Health Department Compliance

When companies fail to comply with health department standards it can lead to further complications. Errors in temperature control, or lack of training for new employees can lead to costly mistakes and additional food safety risk. The use of current technology can make it easier for your team to maintain consistent, accurate readings.

The Use of TC51 and TC70 Computers or the ET50 Tablet from Zebra

The Zebra TC51 and TC70 computers, or the ET50 tablet from Zebra serve as a way to utilize the latest digital technologies to improve your company’s food safety regulations. Integrated food safety software can help your company remain in compliance with all food safety regulations in an effort to keep employees and customers safe.

The Use of Rugged Tablets

Durable touch screen computers and handheld tablets can help add technology to the food safety process as well. The IP65 and IP67 tablets are standardized to MIL-STD 810G standards. They can handle the drips, spills, and splashes that can occur while handling food products in the supply chain.

Rugged Tablets

Enhanced Temperature Control

m300-photography website phone app

Strict temperature controls are one of the most significant measures for food safety. Zebra computers, tablets, and temperature control sensors can collect and analyze data in your cold storage areas making sure that your protocols are closely monitored.

Remote Temperature Probes

Zebra tablets and computers work with sanitized Bluetooth and Wi-Fi thermometers designed to ensure proper temperatures during food preparation. The protocols to follow when temperatures are not within guidelines are also readily available. Real time and historical reports can also easily be accessed within the system.


Accessible Data

With the Disney CHEFS program on Zebra computers and tablets, all food safety data is automatically recorded onto the device and becomes immediately accessible. It becomes easy to access critical data within the system and keep employees and customers safe. It’s also not susceptible to human error in the same way that paper logs would be.

Food and Beverage Distribution Labels

Zebra also offers printing and labeling options designed to meet the unique temperature conditions within your warehouse. This allows for better transparency and stronger food safety adherence. We have labels suited to freezers, humid warehouse conditions, or dry storage applications.

Our labels are known for:

• Reliable scannability
• Durable adhesiveness
• Maximum printer uptime


Using Better Technology to Create a Stronger Adherence to Food Safety

Technology can help you to educate your employees and consumers on the importance of food safety within the supply chain. Simple prompts for when to take and record food temperatures, or when to wash your hands can help minimize training and let your employees know what is expected of them. The opportunity is also there to educate consumers about the steps that you take to ensure that their food is kept under the safest standards while in your care.

The combination of Zebra hardware with applications like Disney CHEFS allow for continual measurements, and easy access to data, drastically improving food safety and keeping employees and customers safe from foodborne illness.

Download the 10-page Food Safety Supply Chain Vision Study “Technology and the Food Supply Chain –
The path toward better food safety through traceability and improved consumer confidence”

Download “Food and Beverage Distribution Labels: Specialized labels for your environment”

Download the application brief – “Automating Food Safety Assurance with Zebra Touch Screen Computers and Tablets

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