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You already enjoy greater productivity and worker effectiveness from phone and tablet mobile devices used by a transitory workforce. But why should those efficiency benefits cease when housing and storing those very same devices?

Did you realize most enterprise mobile storage options are a hidden drain on operational efficiency throughout the entire business enterprise?

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Fact is, Industry sectors such as Warehouse and Distribution Management, Manufacturing/Inventory Management, and Retail/Backroom Management can all suffer from productivity declines without an effective and systemized device storage solution in place.

The Danger of Not Knowing: 3 Key Questions to Ask

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It’s prudent to expect more efficiency, productivity, and accountability from all workers. And yet the actual reality is often anything but which raises these key questions …

Question #1: How closely can you track the chain of custody for each device?

Question #2: What’s your confidence level in knowing who had which device, when and what happened to it, and how often it was in use throughout the worker’s shift?

Question #3: Are you charging and updating devices on a manual, one-off basis?

If you answered “I don’t know” to any of these questions the real answer is simple: you need a storage solution that delivers centralized device management and secured distribution access. Otherwise, you’re flying blind in terms of any level of accountability for broken or lost devices.

Because left unchecked, these issues cause obstruction and disruption to an effective enterprise workflow. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. Because the ultimate mobile device management solution is closer than you think.

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Zebra Intelligent Cabinets: The Smart Choice for Better Performance

With 15+ years of experience across multiple industries and business sectors, Zebra’s can fully customize a device management storage system that perfectly fits your business operations needs.

Expect better optimized device storage, accessibility, and management. All via Zebra’s proven performer cabinets, racks, cradle locks, and customized carts.

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With centralized device management and secured distribution access solution in place, the enterprise gains operational boosts essential for overall success and profitability:

    • People
    • Devices
    • Workflows

Workflows are often the first to show significant productivity gains. Now any workflow can be automated via software-driven management.

This shift to automation accelerates access to devices for workers at the beginning and the end of shifts. More efficiency gains come from eliminating manual distribution and documentation of devices.
Overall, automation of device management helps an enterprise better manage (and often minimize worker hours), reduces the possibility of human error, and promotes better allocation of company resources, both human and machine.
What makes Zebra Intelligent Cabinets the preferred solution?

Single Source, Multi-Device Consolidation, and Optimization

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets offers one source for all of an enterprise’s high-priority requirements: ordering, project management, delivery, and operational life cycle.
Centralized device management and secured distribution access with Intelligent Cabinets deliver optimal benefits for devices, for workers, and most importantly, for the bottom line.
Now you can maximize lifecycle and device performance enterprise-wide in one fell swoop.

Consolidation and connection via Intelligent Cabinets can perform key tasks while housing the mobile devices in a safe and secure, temperature-controlled environment. (Future Intelligent Cabinet innovations will soon be equipped with UV light on each shelf level to properly disinfect each device for its next use. This feature helps boost overall worker safety and further reduces downtime.)

Intelligent Cabinets also provide one source and location to deliver a full array of tasks and services:

    • Effective tracking of battery level and overall device health
    • Efficient battery charging
    • Uniform software updates
    • Comprehensive diagnostics and health checks
    • Faster access

Intelligent Cabinets can also protect devices with authorized-only storage, security, and access. This chain of custody capability helps the enterprise better protect a valuable investment and overall company asset: its entire inventory of mobile devices.

With Zebra Intelligent Cabinets, the enterprise benefits from 24/7 device traceability. When was the device checked out, when checked in, by whom, and what happened to the device while in use.

This level of data intelligence helps reduce repairs and replacements while also having the systems in place to prevent device abuse and further damage.

Where Intelligent Cabinets Work Best


Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are the preferred choice in many industrial, manufacturing, and retail environments.

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Key areas where Intelligent Cabinets are deployed for optimal efficiency:

    • Storage/stocking areas
    • Reverse logistics
    • Picking/packing
    • Inventory management
Benefits and Advantages:

Optimize Workflows Now all devices are ready for immediate use when needed.

Secure and Track Stow devices in a highly secure cabinet, determine and grant access to authorized personnel, accurately track usage by user, and more

Reduce Damage and Loss Improve personnel accountability for devices. Reduce damage, faults and return for repairs.

Lower Costs Prevent loss and lower replacement costs.

Transportation and Logistics

Intelligent Cabinets are an ideal fit in these areas:

    • Postal/Courier
    • Device fleet management
Benefits and Advantages:

Centralized Device Storage
Now employees have a central place to store devices which instantly improves start-of-day and end of shift processes.

Track Device Status
Every new workday begins with all devices 100% charged. Battery life is constantly monitored to keep devices at peak performance. And while devices are not in service, updates can be performed to reduce downtime.

Reduce Costs
Prevent loss and slash replacement costs.

Optimize Workflows
Intelligent Cabinets software optimizes all phases of daily workflows.

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Intelligent Cabinets are put to work in all of these use cases:

    • E-commerce
    • Distribution centers
    • Back of store
Benefits and Advantages:

Optimize Worker Time
When the team is ready for work, so are all your devices. This helps improve how the day starts and ends from a process and workflow perspective.

Track Device Status
Constant status updates of all your Zebra mobile devices. Monitor battery life and perform updates while not in service. Maximize workflows and staff efficiency with greater visibility of individual users and device usage.

Reduce Costs
Secure devices in lockable cabinets when not in use to prevent loss. Improved workforce utilization and reduced labor costs consistently.

More Efficiency and A Proven Solution = A Better Choice

A better and smarter solution for device management is all within your immediate grasp. So too are immediate, tangible, and sustainable boosts in productivity, device reliability, and most important with transitory staffing, full worker accountability.

You’ve invested in mobile devices. To get the most out of those devices and the people that use them, Zebra Intelligent Cabinets deliver ROI benefits across the enterprise.

First, by establishing a reliable and indisputable chain of custody for every device. This provides loss prevention reduction and investment protection of all your mobile devices.

You’ll now possess full end-to-end traceability for secure device storage, tracking, and user accountability with features that include user access, time, and date stamp at points of removal and return.

Intelligent Cabinets also help reduce damage to your devices. Because with accountable workers and more devices in use, there’s less downtime and increased productivity. All from an improved workflow and more efficient worker performance.

With rapid access and “at a glance’ status, all your mobile devices are organized, charged, and ready for use at the start of the shift with easy-to-spot displays to ensure each user accesses the correct device. No more waiting for a device to be ready initially or somehow battery-depleted during the worker’s shift.

Another ROI benefit is minimizing maintenance and operating costs. Zebra Intelligent cabinets are durable, flexible, and customizable to your needs, available floor space, and overall environment. Every cabinet component is engineered with industry experience and built to last for years of effective service.

Flexible Configurations Come Standard

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets provide infinite flexibility. These cabinets can accommodate several different devices: from 5 (compact) to 60 (X-Large) to 100 devices (Extreme).

Floor and wall-mount options are available and the Cabinet screen and portal come in a single or double shelf. And as you’d expect, Intelligent Cabinets are Wi-Fi™/4G friendly as well as Ethernet friendly. The cabinets are lockable and offer a variety of lock options.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets even delivers 3 comprehensive layers of security to protect your entire mobile device inventory from unexpected losses. Door lock options RFID or barcode options are available for custom requests. In addition, there is a device alarm and cabinet alert if no timely logon exists. A mandatory log-in is required to release the device from the cradle lock.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets, APAC Portfolio Cabinets

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets | Feature Overview

Racks can be single or double-sided, depending on your device inventory. Cradle locks have mechanical locking for TC5X/TC7C charging cradles. Carts can be customized to your unique environmental conditions.

The cabinets can hold a variety of different combinations of devices in different arrangements. A “stadium” design can house more devices with the same footprint to maximize floor space.

There’s also a modern open-leaf design for easy access, passive cooling for reduced operating costs, and multi-level security offerings that can be easily configured.

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Your Realtime Device Dashboard: The Zebra Access Management System

Intelligent Cabinets include the Zebra Access Management System (cabinet display + device application + portal) to effectively manage and track access to devices.

This system quickly identifies device readiness and loss issues whether in-cabinet on a charge, in use, or simply missing. At your fingertips are real-time updates to device status.

See the status of an entire site or all your cabinets across your operation via the Portal. You can also add, remove and configure devices, cabinets, and sites via the Portal and add devices via the Cabinet.

The Intelligent Cabinet system includes the following:


    • Consolidated access
    • Multiple device configurations
    • Single or double-sided


    • Enhanced security options
    • Zebra Access Management System ™
    • Help reduce device loss and damage
    • Dashboard reporting
    • Battery charge status
    • Quick access for optimized workflows
Inside a Zebra intelligent cabinet
Cradle Lock:

    • More secure and accountable because of mechanical locking
    • Zebra Access Management System ™
    • Reduce device loss and damage
    • Battery charge status
    • Compatible with Zebra Intelligent Racks and Cabinets

    • Customized solutions depending on specific use cases
    • Ideal for warehouse/distribution

Zebra-validated cabinets, racks, cradle locks, and customized carts are designed to accommodate a wide range of Zebra mobile devices, from handheld mobile computers and tablets to mobile printers and scanners. To view the entire Zebra roster of mobile devices, click here.

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With rapid access and “at a glance’ status, all your mobile devices are organized, charged, and ready for use at the start of the shift with easy-to-spot displays to ensure each user accesses the correct device. No more waiting for a device to be ready initially or somehow battery-depleted during the worker’s shift.

Another ROI benefit is minimizing maintenance and operating costs. Zebra Intelligent cabinets are durable, flexible, and customizable to your needs, available floor space, and overall environment. Every cabinet component is engineered with industry experience and built to last for years of effective service.

Zebra offers a repeatable, cost-effective support model and all from a single supplier. Zebra brings 50 years of experience in mobile devices and 15+ years in Intelligent Cabinet design and configuration.

And with Zebra, you have access to a wider range of services. Zebra Professional Services can help every step of the way with your Intelligent Cabinets system. From initial concepts to a smooth deployment, successful adoption, and effective operations.

Our Support Services provide the right coverage of your devices that extend beyond the usual wear and tear. To get more comprehensive support, VisibilityIQ™ offers a single-pane-of-glass of device performance. And ongoing technical support is only a call or click away with Zebra OneCare.

From technology to flexibility to experience and support, Zebra is the single source you can trust to handle all your mobile device management needs.

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And count on Imprint’s Management Services – working with the best technology providers like Zebra to deliver proven solutions such as Intelligent Cabinets to a constantly changing marketplace.

Contact Imprint today to discuss your device management and security options..

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