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That fleet of mobile devices is not going to manage itself. There isn’t a way around all the provisioning, updating, securing, repairing (etc.) that comes with business mobility. But there is a way to streamline the efforts in maintaining your fleet and to quickly access all the information you need to have broader visibility and control. With SOTI MobiControl (the leading software in Mobile Device Management) you’ll have access to all the information you need in one single pane of glass.

Plus, with SOTI MobiControl you’ll have a comprehensive suite of features that allows you control over your devices throughout the entirety of their lifecycle – from deployment to retirement and everything in between.


SOTI MobiControl can speed up deployment and decrease provisioning costs of your mobile devices with the ability to provision devices remotely, using profile and packages based on user role or geographic location. There is also the SOTI Self-Service Portal which allows employee-initiated enrollment.  Additionally, using SOTI Stage or other third-party solutions (such as Apple DEP or Zebra StageNow, among others) can also simplify deployment. 

On the other side of the device’s lifecycle – retirement – you can wipe a device if it’s lost or stolen, removing any company data once an employee resigns or is terminated. Once the device has been retired, you can recoup the app licenses or re-provision the device for another user or another part of a business.


A variety of features keep confidential company information protected, including but not limited to the following: IT administrators can control exactly what can/cannot be installed which prevents rogue applications and malware.  There are authentication and password features, as well as encryption, that protects devices and keeps company content secure. You can set alert rules which automate device actions and notifications when a device is non-compliant. 

Deploying certificates and configuring VPNs secures communication. Restriction features like USB mass storage, camera or screen capture are also available to keep information private. And out-of-contact policies means a device will be secured or wiped automatically when the device hasn’t contacted SOTI MobiControl within a pre-defined period.


In a similar vein – there are content management features to help distribute (and, also prevent unauthorized disclosure of) sensitive or corporate content. SOTI Surf, as an example, secures the web browser by allowing whitelisting or blacklisting websites; restricting web browsing while on cellular or roaming; and preventing screen capture.  SOTI Hub secures access to company files located within the network or cloud; syncs files from devices back to network drives; and prevents sharing and printing of files.

IT staff can set data leakage prevention (DLP) rules and use LDAP integration to control who sees what file and websites and what they can do with them on that device.  For application management – there are features to secure and distribute corporate apps. Tight integrations with Apple VPP and Google Play deliver the right application to the right employee and device. IT staff can use blacklist/whitelist controls to identify what corporate apps are available and can also wipe/remove enterprise apps if a device is non-compliant, lost, or if an employee leaves.

SOTI MobiControl gives you easy control of every device from deployment to retirement.

No more wasted time digging for information not readily accessible. It’s all available in a single pane of glass. No more struggling to maintain every single device from provisioning to replacement. SOTI MobiControl streamlines all those efforts, all those processes, with its comprehensive suite of features. With this MDM software you’ll have broader visibility and better control of your mobile fleet. Want to learn more about SOTI MobiControl? Contact us.