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What started primarily to help pharmaceutical companies, electronic temperature sensors record cold storage temperatures throughout a products journey. Electronic sensors provide real-time information from start to finish using mobile GPS devices. Tracking temperature exposures in real-time is easier than before.

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Zebra Technologies, having merged with TempTime®, brings your company more options than before when it comes to monitoring the environmental conditions of your carefully manufactured products. Many of the products monitored with electronic sensors critically depend on specific temperature parameters to remain viable.

Electronic environment sensor devices can send notification alarms when parameters are deviated from. If a shipment is bad upon receipt to the customer, the information can pinpoint when it happened. All the electronic sensors from Zebra Technologies are compatible with IT networks, using Bluetooth, cellular, Wi-Fi, or ethernet to upload the information.

Sensor Options & Software

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Tracking temperature exposure is easy with electronic sensors, and the devices can provide immediate data alert notifications upon variation once within range of a compatible network.

S-400 Single or Multi-Use Sensor

The S-400 is a light and compact design and comes with a non-replaceable battery designed to last up to 12 months. You’ll have the ability to configure these sensors to your unique usage environment to get the most out of regular readings. With an internal memory for up to 16,000 datapoints, these sensors can be programed for 15-59 seconds (1-second intervals) or 1-255 minutes (1-minute intervals).

M-300 or M-300-P Wireless Sensor

With the footprint of a hockey puck, these compact and reusable sensors are built with a replaceable lithium battery that can last up to 12 months. With an IP40 rated protection, these sensors are ideal for durable, long-term use. The sensors connect via low-energy Bluetooth signal and have an internal memory up to 16,000 data points. They are programmable at 15-50 seconds (1-second intervals) or 1-255 minutes (1-minute intervals).

OCEABridge Bluetooth Gateway.

The gateway device automatically uploads data from connected sensors within range. It connects into a customer’s network via ethernet or Wi-Fi. It can be monitored in vehicles or warehouses for stationary use. This is also available in a cellular model that can do period readings while on route

EDGEVue Software

The EDGEVue mobile and web applications make monitoring critical cold storage data simple. Real-time and historical data can be presented in charts or graphs for your viewing preference.

EDGECloud Software

A connection is created with either Bluetooth or Ethernet/Wi-Fi connectivity. Data can easily be compiled from different warehouse locations in real-time by using a smartphone or tablet. Data that is up to 10 years old can be securely stored within the system.

Imprint Enterprises is the Trusted Partner to Get You Started

Zebra Technologies is an award-winning pioneer in leading edge technologies to help enable businesses intelligently connect assets, data, and people. Ensuring you have options to monitor the environmental stability of your products using labels, cards, and sensors is what makes Zebra Technologies the best in the industry.

Imprint Enterprises is a Premiere Solution Partner with Zebra Technologies. Their Specialists can help you find the options to suit your needs and prepare you for your future needs, while maintaining industry standards and ultimately increasing accountability and profits.

Stop relying on protective or qualified packaging that can still leave your customers wondering. If shipments are delayed, concerns about environmental exposure can be minimized with environmental labels, cards, or electronic sensors. Data can be verified visually and/or digitally, depending upon your company’s budget, complexity, and sustainability requirements.

Gain traceability and better insight into supply chain operations with the level of insight provided by Zebra Technologies temperature and environmental sensors, labels, and cards. From cannabis, to pharmaceutical, to food and beverage manufacturing, gain some peace of mind on the condition of your products through shipping.

Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss Zebra’s electronic sensor solutions that are best for you.

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