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When it comes to barcode labeling hardware and supplies, the plethora of options to choose from can feel inundating. Who has the best equipment? What happens if the equipment malfunctions? How much is in the budget? Is it worth the cost of the equipment to print our own barcode labels?

Printing barcode labels or tags in-house can increase productivity. Zebra Technologies is an expert in the barcoding technology field with their rigorous testing of their own products and multiple R&D facilities. Zebra is one of the largest converters in the USA for barcode labels.

Using the right combination of ribbon and printers for barcode labeling will improve the imaging on labels for proper scanning and prolong the life of the printhead in the barcode printer. Imprint Enterprises has wide selection of Zebra hardware and supplies to choose from.

The printer models listed offer various features that enhance their usability, performance, and durability. There are industrial barcode printers, mobile label printers, and more. Zebra’s top-quality enterprise-ready printers are easy to integrate, set up, and configure.

Zebra Quality Labels & Ribbons

Thermal Barcode Ribbons: Imprint Enterprises

Barcode labels come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. There are also a variety of ribbons for barcode label printing. Thermal barcode ribbons come in wax, wax/resin, and resin material. Wax ribbon (paper-based material) is the most used material due to its low cost and ease of use. Direct thermal fuses ink onto the label material while the thermal transfer method prints images via wax or resin ribbons.

Food and beverage companies will need to consider pressure-sensitive prime labels. These items leverage flexographic and digital offset printing technologies to deliver professional, polished graphic treatments. Digital printing for prime labels enables you to adjust specifications as needed, change labels according to seasonality, print multiple SKUs, and personalize offerings according to location or client.

Zebra Quality Printers

Zebra’s top-quality enterprise-ready printers are easy to integrate, set up, and configure. Different printer models offer various features that enhance their usability, performance, and durability. There are industrial barcode printers, mobile label printers, and more.

Industrial barcode printers can be compact for light industrial and commercial needs like the ZT200 series. If your company needs a compact and rugged industrial barcode printer with an all-metal frame, look at the ZT400 series printer. Other industrial barcode printers include:

zebra printer

Mobile label printers provide the convenience to print barcode labels and even receipts, when and where you need them. Built for printing on-the-go, portable label printers are usually ruggedized to withstand drops, extreme temperatures, and environmental exposures. The ZQ600 series mobile printer improves efficiency and increases productivity. Other mobile label printers include:

Zebra Technologies has industrial RFID printers that offer durability and flexibility, with high print speeds and media capacity for increased productivity. The ZT410 Silverline on-metal RFID label printer is ideal for on-demand RFID asset tagging for all surfaces. Other options to choose from include the ZT600 series, the ZT400 series, or the ZD500R RFID.

A print engine can be the heart of automated print-and-apply labeling systems. Zebra’s ZE511/520 series Print Engine is easy to use and maintain, simplifying label application while minimizing downtime. The all-metal construction is built for tough industrial environments.

The Right Hardware & Supplies for the Job

When your company’s barcode labeling process is simplified and optimized, the benefits include standardized labeling and completely functioning hardware and software across your entire organization. Every aspect of the barcode labeling process creates an ecosystem that can help your company thrive and grow.

The printing hardware and supplies your company uses can impact your company’s bottom line. The right supplies will result in quality labels, minimizing waste and downtime, and prolonging the life of your printers. It’s always best to consult with an expert that can help answer any questions you have on which products are best suited to your environment, volume of business, and future growth.

Zebra Technologies also offers unique promotions that businesses can benefit from. From minimizing downtime and printhead costs to upgrading outdated technology, Imprint can help you learn more and make the most of those opportunities.

If your business exclusively uses Zebra Genuine Supplies exclusively, Zebra will replace old, worn out printheads at no charge when you’re enrolled in the Zebra Printhead Protection Program. This program removes the worry of downtime and unexpected costs when a printhead fails, while lowering the total cost of ownership of the printers.

Zebra Technologies knows and understands that these products are assets to your company. Originally founded in 1969, Zebra now has 10’s of millions of devices worldwide, create end-to-end solutions. Some companies have had their barcode labeling products for approximately 20 years, and they are still running strong and efficiently.

Imprint Enterprises is a company that grows with you. We provide your business with a total, competitively priced solution, including premium hardware, software, printing media and supplies, break-fix repairs, and consulting. Our partnership doesn’t end after a single purchase. It is a relationship based on quality and trust.

Contact Imprint Enterprises today to discuss Zebra’s barcode labeling solutions that are best for you