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It’s 8 a.m. and your first shift employees are just getting started. The warehouse has appeared a little disheveled lately with products creeping into the wrong locations. You assigned one of your most dependable workers with the task of labeling the products in a specific section.

Since he took on that job, he’s appeared at the office printer, probably dozens of times per day. He walks the aisle. He scans. He prints. And in between, he does a lot of walking, and a fair amount of talking.

Workers discussing colors by printer

There’s a significant amount of downtime where he’s not as productive as he could be. It’s not his fault, but if there was something that could be done to keep him in the warehouse where he’s supposed to be working, it’d be worth exploring.

Situations like this pop up all the time, and Newcastle powered carts from Imprint Enterprises serve as an ideal solution. When your employees have everything they need for their busy day, it can cut down drastically on the amount of errant walking they’ll need to do.

Newcastle carts provide some tremendous advantages for warehouse efficiency that you’ll notice in other ways. Below are just a few.

5 More Reasons You’ll Love Newcastle Carts

Checking the freezer with a thermometer
  • You Can Trim Your Payroll – With higher employee productivity, you can pay out 75 percent less overtime. That’s money you can either reinvest somewhere else in your business or realize as profit.
  • More Efficient Stocking – You can reduce warehouse cycle times by up to 60 percent for more capacity. Product in, product out. That’s the way it should be.
  • Cut Down on Mislabeling – Mislabeled product can lead to horribly expensive mistakes. When label information is input, and the label is printed and applied in the warehouse location, accuracy is increased.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction – Employees are happier when they are allowed to be more productive, instead of continuous, long walks from point A to point B.
  • A Big Return on Investment – Carts allow you to become more productive without large software or infrastructure changes. They offer a six-month return on investment with lifetime savings after that.

In fact, just one cart user can save your company about $5,269 per year. Think about those costs spread out through your warehouse workforce. Think about that savings spread across 50 carts? Or maybe 100? The cost savings possibilities are endless.

The Newcastle Difference

Newcastle carts come in a variety of sizes and can hold a variety of equipment necessary to do the job. They can also be adjusted by employees to fit the situation with optimal efficiency.

The carts are built to accommodate any equipment profile, no matter what your company does. Newcastle also supplies fixed, swappable, lead, or lithium power options for shiftwork or 24/7 usage.

Newcastle Cart Options

Mid-Range NB Series

LT Series – These carts are lightweight and ultra-compact for employees that require little more than a laptop or small printer. They’re great for jobs that simply require a few extra things.

EC Series – These carts provide the most economical option for a full-size cart. They are a perfect option for employees that need to complete a basic task or smaller component profiles.

NB Series – These are the most popular Newcastle cart option, and ideal for laptops, tablets, high volume printers, or scanners.

PC Series – These are the largest of the Newcastle carts, and boast a 400-pound carrying capacity with a roomy amount of shelf space.

APEX Series – These carts offer adjustable height ideal to suit each individual user. They’re ideal for laptops, LCDs, small thermal printers, or scanners.

QC Series – This rugged cart option is ideal for manufacturing or quality testing facilities. It comes with lockable drawers and includes side pockets. It’s ideal for laptops, LCDs, small thermal printers, and scanners.

Powering Your Mobile Cart

PowerSwap Mini

When it comes to powering a Newcastle cart, you have plenty of options, designed to fit the way that you work.

PowerSwap Nucleus Classic – This portable lithium powerpack was specifically designed for industrial environments. It provides power to devices on the go to keep your employees focused on the task in front of them. Laptops, tablets, printers, scanners can all operate from cart-generated power for 8+ hours at a time. They’re also easy to swap out, so employees don’t miss a beat.

NB Series PowerSwap – NB Series carts can stay powered for 24 hours a day with this option. This power option gives one cart the ability to do the work of 2-3 units. The units can be swapped so employees can just keep working when the power runs low.

PowerPack Ultra SLA – This is an ideal choice for smaller equipment setups and offers a 1-2 year battery life, and a 6 to 8-hour cycle.

PowerPack Mega Lithium – This is a lightweight, stand-alone battery option that is ideal for longer lasting needs. It boasts an 8 to 10-year life, with a 12+ hour power cycle.

PowerPack Mega SLA – This heavy-duty power source provides a 12+ hour cycle with a 1 to 2-year life, and features PowerMaxx Sealed Lead Acid technology.

PowerMaxx Lithium – This advanced technology can last up to a decade before needing a change, giving it a lower cost of ownership than other options. It’s also got an 8 to 12-hour power cycle.

PowerMaxx SLA – This is the original power source option with thousands of installations. It’s proven its worth over and over, with an 8 to 12-hour power cycle and a 1-2 year battery life.

Say Goodbye to Operational Inefficiency

Sometimes large improvements in productivity don’t have to come from major changes. It might be the minor tweak – or a minor purchase – that can lead to massive results. Newcastle carts offer such an opportunity. They cut down on walking trips from point A to point B, while empowering employees to keep the tools they need with them.

These changes allow you to see tremendous benefits in productivity.

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