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Aurora, IL – March 2nd, 2020 – Mobile technology, in theory, should dramatically enhance productivity and effectiveness in the business world. However, companies across the manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics spectrum often experience a different outcome.

Bottom line, the more mobile devices a company has on hand the more that can go wrong. And will. Even worse, most companies suffer from a lack of effective mobility management due to the constant and unpredictable human and capital investment needed to provision, monitor and repair mobile technology. The resource management drain often spreads from department to department, including everything from operations to finance to IT.

Bob Conti of Imprint Enterprises shares some welcome news on how to cost-effectively reverse that trend. “Every day, we witness the headaches and hassles that surface unexpectedly with mobile devices. But now when you outsource to Imprint Mobility Manager, we take mobility management entirely off your plate. All so you can focus on what your company does best. Yes, it can really be that simple.”

Imprint Mobility Manager covers every stage of a mobile device’s lifecycle from configuration to monitoring to help desk support as well as timely repairs.

The key components of Imprint Mobility Manager include:

Rapid Configure and Restore
Mobile devices will always require setup and restoration. The IM2 system gets any device restored and back into service quickly and expertly, all with a quick scan of some barcodes.

Mobile Device Monitoring
Device performance is tracked 24/7. Remote tech support team monitoring lets Imprint see your devices in real-time. All to maintain a company’s performance edge via scheduled updates, installing patches and much more.

Personalized Help Desk
Whether it’s via email or phone, expert help is always on call. By managing devices remotely, mobility and phone issues are solved faster and easier. The IM2 team will access the device, assess the problem, triage the issue and configure a solution.

Easy Repair and Return
Devices do break down or can suffer both internal and external physical damage. When those issues occur, repairs must be made quickly to minimize downtime as well as to avoid the ongoing cost of expensive spare units.

To get devices repaired and back in service quickly, Imprint Mobility Manager will manage your service contracts, make the RMA request to the factory (Zebra or Honeywell), provide the RMA, address any customer returns to vendor, vendor repairs and ships back to the customer.
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About Imprint Enterprises
Since 1975, Imprint Enterprises has provided businesses in the Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul area with industry leading barcode, RFID and mobility solutions and unparalleled service and support.

With Imprint Enterprises, you have a dedicated account executive and customer support representative committed to ensuring you receive the most value for your technology investment.

In addition, the skilled and experienced Imprint Enterprises technical team is ready to assist you with on-site service and repair when needed—we are just a short drive away.