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The conditions inside your facility can change fast. Product flows in, product flows out. People may need to be more easily guided through the building. You may need to make some adjustments to streamline employee processes so that they can more efficiently perform their duties.

In any of these cases, it can drastically help to have dependable thermal printers that can help in the creation of:

        • Case Labels
        • Product identification
        • Shipping labels
        • Logistics labels

Sometimes you can’t wait for a third-party company to come in and do the work for you. The autonomy and flexibility to create these things on the spot may be critical to meeting tight deadlines or handling customer expectations.


You need a printer that can accomplish these tasks and isn’t necessarily tied to a desk in the office, in a remote location. You need something that’s durable, compact, and fits the demands of your industry.


A product from a company that businesses have come to trust, and allows you to use the best in paper supplies helps, too.

The Zebra full line of ZD600 and ZD400 thermal printers from Imprint Enterprises is ideally suited to meet the needs of your robust operation. They can be used in a standard fashion through USB, and other connections. Many can also be used wirelessly through Bluetooth or WiFi connection.

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These printers are ideal for a variety of industries and uses including:

  • Light manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

Take a look at the full line of Zebra thermal printers that are designed to make printing labels and other signage so much easier.

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Zebra ZD600 Series Printers

The ZD600 series printers offer Zebra’s latest technology, making thermal printing easier for businesses of all types. If you’re looking for high-quality, fast in-house printing capabilities, the ZD600 series has you covered.

ZD621 Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printers – This model builds on the legacy of existing Zebra thermal printer technology to bring you a fast, premium technological solution for all of your label printing needs. It’s available in thermal transfer and direct thermal models, with a full-color touch display for easy use. Remote management options allow for more control overuse and setup.

ZD621 Healthcare Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printers – This model brings the power and state-of-the-art technology associated with Zebra’s ZD621 series into the healthcare environment. Disinfectant ready plastics and sealed buttons make these machines a breeze to wipe down. They also have a medical compatible power supply, and the capability to securely handle sensitive patient data.

ZD621 RFID Desktop Printer – This model is a must-have for RFID printing or encoding. It features an RE40 RFID module and adaptive encoding technology to support a broad range of applications. Zebra’s new top-of-the-line technology makes this an easy printer to set up and use.

Zebra ZD400 Series Printers 

These state-of-the-art thermal printers from Zebra were designed to make your workplace more efficient. They make it easier to add labels, signage, and other needs on the fly. Take a look at some of the models listed below for an idea of what might work in your situation.

The Zebra ZD421 Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printers – These are some of Zebra’s newest printers and offer advanced technology and security measures designed to protect the most sensitive of data.

They also feature an LED light bank that makes it easy to tell what type of maintenance the printer might need. They’re also easy to track and automate the necessary supplies for convenient usage.

ZD421 Ribbon Cartridge Printer– This is one of the easiest to use printers in the lineup, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. The cartridge takes just a few seconds to insert, with an easy-to-load process. It’s another highly secure model for easy use.

ZD421 Healthcare Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal Printers – The healthcare industry needs advanced considerations that aren’t available in the other Zebra thermal printers. With the ZD421 Healthcare model, you get easy to sanitize plastic, a medical grade power supply, and an added level of security.

ZD421 Healthcare Ribbon Cartridge Printer – These ribbon cartridge thermal printers are built specifically with healthcare in mind. They are made with extra security in mind to protect patient information. They also come in healthcare preferred white, with easy to sanitize plastics.

More Capabilities and More In-House Options

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No matter the industry, its important to run a robust operation that can quickly adapt to challenges. Part of that operation requires the capability to print high-quality labels and signage on the fly, in-house, without the need to pause for third-party assistance. The complete line of Zebra thermal printers from Imprint Enterprises allows companies to do just that.  

Zebra also factored in the growing needs of the healthcare industry, with printers that are easier than ever to sanitize, and more capable of printing secure data.

These printers from Zebra allow your business an added dimension of flexibility in printing essential labels and signs.

It’s critical to not let this opportunity pass you up. If you have questions or would like to purchase a Zebra thermal printer for your business, contact Imprint Enterprises today!

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